How Heavy Should a Weighted Hula Hoop Be?

Are you someone who is starting out on your fitness journey? Weighted hula hooping is a great self-care tool to add to your exercise routine, helping you burn calories and have fun! Before purchasing a weighted hoop there are some factors that need to be considered, most importantly, how heavy is too heavy?

How Heavy Should a Weighted Hula Hoop Be?

As the popularity of weighted hula hoops has grown, so has the size and weight of the hoops. With some companies now producing and selling hula hoops weighing as much as 10kg! This has caused some debate and confusion within the fitness industry.

People often think that the heavier the hula hoop is, the more calories and fat you will burn. This is a mantra a lot of large chain stores have taken on board, often storing hula hoops that weigh excessive amounts. These extremely heavy hoops, weighing between 7 - 10kg, often cause serious bruising around the hips and tummy. With some reports of internal organ damage to the kidneys.

A 1 - 3kg weighted hula hoop is the maximum weight you should choose, anything heavier is an unnecessary risk!

The team at Hourglass Waist is all about safety and we do not advise excessively heavy heavy hoops. Often people think that if the hoop is heavier it will create more resistance, thus more energy is used and calories are burnt.

It is true that weighted hula hoops do require more effort and energy to spin, even at 1-3kg you will notice a significant difference from a traditional hula hoop! Burning and toning your tummy, hips, & waist. Once you increase the weight to over 3-5kg you are adding the extra risk of injuries, also decreasing the overall workout time. The repetitive motion of weighted hula hooping can place pressure on your body's hips and abdominal muscles, if there is too much weight it can lead to injuries.

Recommended Hoop Size to Lose Weight Hula Hooping

Let's now focus on the weighted hula hoops diameters, this measure from across the centre of the hoop. You need a weighted hoop that is large enough that you can keep rotating the hoop for as long as possible! This will allow you to get a full aerobic workout, burning away calories and fat.

If you purchase a weighted hula hoop with a small diameter it will spin much faster, leading to a much quicker and high past aerobic session. Extremely large-diameter hula hoops will spin across your hips much slower, allowing for a longer weighted hula hooping session.

A small diameter hoop is like running a sprint, whilst a larger diameter is a marathon! For fat and weight loss it's best to go with marathon-style exercise. It will require longer periods of increased heart rate, thus improving blood circulation and burning calories.

The team at Hourglass Waist provides the best information and education on weighted hulas. Helping women understand the difference between weighted & traditional hula hoops, the best hula exercises to grow your booty and how often you should use a heavy hoop. When it comes to picking the right weighted hula hoop size we have put together.

To pick the right size go for a weighted hoop that is between 44 - 55 inches in diameter. These are suitable for most people despite their size and remember that the bigger the diameter of the hoop, the better!