Do waist trainers actually work?

Do waist hourglass trainers actually work? The short answer is yes, but not without the right diet and exercise. Many companies pushing waist trainers will sell the dream that you can just wear your waist trainer and the fat will melt away. This is a nice dream, but it's just that, a dream! With proper diet, regular waist training exercise and the help of your waist trainer you can see benefits to your waistline and belly. Below are some benefits of using your waist trainer.

do waist trainers work? 

Support your bustline

besides enhancing your bustline, waist trainers also provide strong support as well. This is an added advantage of waist trainers, especially for all those sisters out there with large breasts! Wearing your waist trainer provides great support, helping to reduce pressure and back pain.


hourglass figure

A lot of women start using a waist trainer to try and obtain the hourglass figure and its often viewed as the most desirable figure women can have.

Waist trainers help achieve the hourglass figure by cinching around your waistline, helping to create and give the image of an hourglass figure from your hips to the bustline. If you use your waist trainer correctly, paired with a healthy diet and exercise you will see results within a few weeks.  If the hourglass figure is what you are after then we suggest trying out a waist trainer asap!


postpartum support

Once giving birth to a baby a lot of women naturally want to return to their original size, by wearing a light waist trainer new mums can help recover their stomach and hips. Many of the top celebrities such as Jessica alba use waist trainers to recover their post-pregnancy body.

When you wear and use your waist trainer correctly you are actually proving support and helping to speed up the healing process. While waist trainers during this stage won't strengthen your core or ab muscles, it most definitely will help return you to your original size.


posture correction

When you were a waist trainer your posture is improved. This is done by helping to promote and maintain proper shoulder and back placement, basically when you're wearing a waist trainer you cant slouch, this build up the back and shoulder muscles, training you to have a better overall posture.

This gives many women and men a psychological boost as strong posture makes you feel more confident! You can wear your waist trainers under your cloths to give a more hourglass slim look, anther added confidence boost.


weight loss

Once you are used to wearing your waist trainer you can upgrade and use the gym waist trainer for all your workouts. This is a great gym tool and perfects to help you get extra sweat and focus on the tummy, hips and waist! As we have stated previously, waist trainers are just one big piece of the puzzle! you need to ensure you have a healthy diet and regular exercise in order to get max results. Remember to always follow these simple rules while waist training

  • Make sure you can breathe in your waist trainer
  • Drink plenty of water, no coffee and limited alcohol
  • Stick to organic food and always have breakfast.
  • Avoid foods that contain processed flavours.



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