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    Postpartum Shapewear

    Postpartum waist trainers and shapewear helps the body recover after giving birth.

    post pregnancy shapewear is specially designed to tone and flatten the tummy after birth. This practice is quite old and prominent across multiple countries and cultures. Believing the process helps to quicken the flatting process of the tummy as well as its health. Designed to provide support as well as gentle compression to help the back, tummy & abdomen!

    Hourglass Waist is the number one online provider of Postpartum shapewear for mothers across Australia. Providing our customers with a wide range of items, sizes, designs, and prices! All our items have a wrong-size return policy so you can always get the right size. Our team of personal trainers and health experts is available to answer all your shapewear & waist training questions. Helping you make an educational and informed decision on your postpartum shapewear purchase.

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    Do postpartum girdles really work?

    There is limited research done on the full efficiency of postpartum wraps, however, the few studies done have shown positive results. Designed to provide support, postpartum shapewear stabilizes the core area as well as improves posture. The gentle compression from these wraps helps aid in the recovery process after birth.
    It's important to ensure you don't have your wraps too tight! You should feel comfortable and always be able to breathe easily. If your experience is the opposite it means your postpartum shapewear is too tight and you need to loosen it asap.

    How long should I wear a girdle after birth?

    At an absolute minimum, we recommend waiting at least three days before using postpartum shapewear. This is a general rule and you should always listen to your body and consult with your medical professional. Some women require up to three months before they can start using a post-pregnancy waist trainer. It's always best to wait and give your body the appropriate amount of time.

    Why Get Shapewear

    Postpartum shapewear offers a number of benefits to new mums, these include:

    • Reduction in pelvic pain
    • Reduction in back pain
    • Postpartum recovery
    • Improved posture

    Postpartum shapewear also helps with the following:

    Quicker recovery. Multiple studies have shown that using appropriate shapewear can reduce the recovery time for mothers.

    Faster C-section recovery. Recovering from a C-section often takes longer than traditional births. Managing discomfort and pain can be achieved with postpartum wraps.

    Pain management. For new mums, shapewear can help reduce and manage post-pregnancy pain. The compression provided via wraps and trainers can dramatically decrease cramping, lower back pain, and pelvic pain.

    Improved confidence. It's common for women to feel low on self-esteem due to their body changes after birth. By using post-pregnancy shapewear women can feel more confident as their bodies recover.


    Essential for postpartum recovery

    Designed to help increase support in the core and abdominal area, the postpartum support belt is the best in uterus recovery. Helping to provide comfort whilst reducing swelling! Get an instantly slimmer look and feel more confident after giving birth.

    Comes in S, M, L, XL, XXL, XXXL & XXXXL.

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