How To Hide Waist Trainer Under Clothes

Many people opt to use a waist trainer even on ordinary workdays and weekends out with friends. This can serve a dual purpose of both instantly accentuating one’s curves and also successfully clocking in your waist training hours for that day.

In fact, there are more ways than one to mix and match your layers. Not only can you wear a waist corset everyday under clothes, you can also wear them over clothes as a statement piece and various other styles while you work out at the gym. Our article Should I Wear Clothes Under My waist Trainer” provides a quick guideline on your many options, and the recommended kind of cincher to go with it.

How To Hide Waist Trainer Under Clothes

What clothes should you pick?

For those that opt to hide their garment under clothes, it can be tricky at first to ensure no seams are popping out and that you are fully comfortable. Here are a few tips to help you achieve that throughout your waist training routine:

Loose clothing. Easy, breezy, beautiful is in! You can wear bohemian chic tops, dresses, and cardigans to discreetly hide your cincher. Especially when you opt for beautiful patterns and flowy layers, it should not be too difficult to pull off.

If you are more into simple and basics, a boyfriend polo or a classic T-shirt can also do the trick!

Patterned clothing. While we briefly just mentioned this, it deserves its own highlight. Tops that are patterned or even designed with simple lines draw more attention to the style itself rather than any corset stitches that may or may not be showing through.

Statement pieces. Another way to draw attention away from your cincher is by wearing statement pieces such as an oversized belt, an expressive necklace, or even killer shoes. Little details such as laces, frills, and other add-ons can also subtly do the trick.

Thicker material. If you are planning to wear an undergarment, it is best to steer clear of tops that are very thin, transparent, or translucent. If you must opt for this kind of material, at least have your top the same color as your corset so it blends in. If you opt for a white or black one instead of a hot pink or bright yellow one, you can better prevent this problem in the future!

High waisted jeans. Wearing low waisted bottoms are riskier as they may accidentally expose your compression band at certain angles. By wearing jeans, skirts, and shorts that sit higher on your waistline, it can better mask the garment.

Layers. Like we have said, layers can really help conceal your corset. From a simple cardigan or a jacket, or maybe even a pashmina – this is a simple trick that will surely keep things discreet while waist training.

Gym clothes. Sportswear can be both stylish and loose enough to hide a compression band. You can even opt for cuffed jogging pants and a sweatshirt.

Don’t hide it. Lastly, you can choose to just wear it loud and proud. A lot of women use a cincher as a fashion statement by pairing it with jeans and a great pair of heels. You can also wear it under a blazer to have a boss lady vibe going. We recommend using an overbust type of corset for this occasion.

Top 3 recommended waist trainers

Classic corset – Best for special events and nights out.

Gym compression band – Best for those who bring their waist training routine to the gym or for home exercises.

Latex cincher – Best for those who keep a waist training routine going everyday.



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