Waist Training Exercises From Home

Are you looking to burn away that belly fat and trim your waist? Getting that hourglass best waist trainer is very achievable and doesn't require unrealistic hours in the gym or an extremely strict diet. In saying that, always ensure to be active, eat the correct food and use your waist trainer regularly. Below the team at Hourglass Waist have put together a list of a different waist training exercise that you can do from the comfort of your home!

First question what is waist training? basically its the process of wearing your waist trainer over a consistent time and period. This of course is coupled with a healthy diet and regular exercise to ensure maximum results when waist training. How does waist training work? well, when exercising the waist trainer stimulates the core area, creating more preparation and burning belly and hip fat.

At Hourglass Waist we strive to give women the confidence to waist train and take control of there body and self-esteem. Anyone can use a waist trainer and start waist training if you are looking to get started to check out these simple exercises that you can do from the comfort of your home.

Waist Training Exercises From Home 

 Best Exercises for Waist Training at Home!

There is a tone of different exercise styles you can do with a waist trainer, the only thing we would stay away from is situps and crunches! If you do engage in these exercises while waist training please ensure to remove your hourglass waist trainer to ensure no injuries occur.

Depending on your exercise routine, you can mix it up and do two-three days of exercises based around strength with high cardio. Do this for 45 minutes, 5 days a week with your waist trainer on during the workout. A lot of girls prefer to spread out different muscle groups onto each separate day, with separate cardio days and rest days. No matter what your exercise regime is just making sure not to overwork muscle groups and never work for the same body group two days in a row.

Below is a quick summary of the best exercise you can do at home when waist training.

  • For strengthening your lower body try a circuit built around Pilates exercises. We are talking pointed butt lifts, high heel kicks, the classic squats, bridges and fire hydrants
  • To strengthen the midsection and core try out exercises like planks and situps
  • Heart pumping exercises such as running and high circuit workouts like the beep test will help to get your sweat on and create that hourglass waist.

Whether its running, jogging, walking or biking, waist trainers are comfortable and easy to wear when partaking in high energy cardio exercise.

Remember whenever waist training its important to stretch correctly so that your muscles are warm, nimble and can heal quicker. Bonus try yoga to get more flexible.


How to choose the right waist trainer?

Having a great waist training workout plan is important, but anther critical factor in your hourglass journey is ensuring you have the right waist trainer for you.

There are 3 different types of waist trainers available at Hourglass Waist, depending on your personal goals and preferences.

Gym Waist trainer: Looking to really burn fat and sweat it up in the gym? then the Gym Waist Trainer if perfect for workouts, with sauna effects technology to ensure your workouts get maximum results.

Latex waist trainer: Perfect for those with a busty figure and large breasts, the latex waist trainer provides a slimming effect while also helping to burn tummy fat and love handles.

Classic Waist trainer: The classic waist trainer is for all women, truly a girl's best friend in helping to slim your waistline. Use it when waist training to get longterm results, perfect for women who are more petite and skinny.

Important note, when picking out your waist trainer it's super important to get the size right! In order to find your correct measurement simply measure the narrowest point of your waist, you will find a natural arch across from the side of your belly button. Use a soft fabric tape measure across your stomach to find out your waistline measurements. Once you have all the info go to our size guide to find your correct sizing!


Starting Your Waist Training Schedule 

When you first start waist training it can take some times to get acquainted with the feeling. don't expect to just jump right into it without letting your body adapt first, think of it as breaking in a new pair of heels. You need time for your body to adjust.

As we have mentioned before ensure your waist trainer fits perfectly! a perfectly fitting waist trainer will give you an instantly slimmer look, it should also feel comfortable and not to tight. If you need to work hard to yank on your waist trainer then you don't have the right size.

Once you have adjusted to your waist trainer you're ready to get into your waist training schedule. The main goal is to wear your waist trainer for 4 - h hours per day for the first week. This might be more difficult than first thought, you will need time to build endurance and each person is different! Listen to your body in that first week to ensure your health, if you feel sick or unable to eat then take a break for the rest of the day.

The overall idea is you build up over time and within a few months, you will see amazing results. Here is a basic example of waist training regiment.

  • First Day:
    Wear your waist trainer for 30 mins to get a basic idea of the feeling. Stretch, move and test out different positions to ensure you have proper motion and fit is correct. Make sure you take a photo at the start to use as a reference point in the future, a classic before and after shot!
  • Second Day:
    Push it for 1 - 2hours on the second day, also try on some clothing with your waist trainer to get an idea of the automatic slimming effect.
  • Third Day:
    Wear your waist trainer for 2 - 3 hours today, go about your normal life but ensure to eat right and get plenty of exercises. Go for a run and monitor how you feel with your waist trainer, specifically the core area as this will be most active when waist training.
  • Fourth Day:
    On the fourth day go for four hours with your waist trainer on, if you feel like you need a break simply to break it into two-hour session, two in the morning and two in the evening. It is at this point that you want to be exercising 5 days a week, with a mix of strength and cardio. Remember that if you don't exercise regularly it will take much longer to see results when waist training
  • Fifth Day:
    five hours of waist training, how did you know? Regular exercise will have you sweating, especially in the core area. Ensure you drink plenty of water and always stay hydrated.
  • Sixth Day:
    Go for another 5 hours, keep eating the right food and stay hydrated. You have nearly completed your first week of waist training!
  • Seventh Day:
    And on the seventh day he rested, God isn't the only one taking Sunday off. You have worked hard all week, you deserve the break.
  • Beyond:
    You should now have a consistent waist training schedule that you are familiar and comfortable with. Your waist trainer should be fully broke in, meaning you're able to wear it for up to 8 hours a day! Keep this consistence and schedule for 3 months and you will achieve your goals.

By the end of each week, we strongly recommend taking progression photos to document your hourglass journey! You will be amazed in 3 months time the results you see, just stay consistent, dedicated, eat healthily and exercise.

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