Weighted Hula Hoop For Weight Loss

We all remember the classic weighted hula hoop, you probably swirled it around your hips every recess and lunch during primary school. If you are now suffering from major nostalgia then the good news is these retro toys are making a huge comeback as weighted exercise hoops! In today's article, we go over these new fitness wonders and explore exactly how a weighted hula hoop helps you lose weight.

Weighted Hula Hoop For Weight Loss

Is Weighted Hula Hooping Exercise?

You might be wondering, is weighted hula hooping really exercise? The short answer is yes! Multiple studies from top universities as well as elite personal trainers all vouch for the fact that weighted hula hooping helps to burn calories, mostly targeting the hips, waist and tummy region. 30 minutes of weighted hooping exert the same level of energy as high-intensity exercises, such as boxing, salsa dancing & jogging.

A big reason for hooping being such an effective aerobic exercise is the fact you're always moving! In order to keep the hoop in motion, the hips & core are consistently active, burning fat and toning muscle.

Weighted Hula Hoop Fitness Benefits

If you're looking for a fun aerobic exercise then you can't look past a heavy hula hoop. Its design increases heart rate much to the safe effect of dancing, jogging or other cardio-based sports. Unlike other exercises and sports, weighted hooping is a low impact activity. This is due to minimal stress and pressure on joints such as knees, ankles and hips, in fact, there is such little impact on joints & muscles that its is suitable for nearly all ages including children.

In order to get a weighted hoop spinning and staying spinning, you will need a lot of different body parts to activate. The booty, core, glutes, calves, hamstrings, quads, shoulders, neck, forearms, traps, triceps and biceps are all used in some way to ensure the smart hoop stays in motion. With all these body parts being activated it's no surprise that 30 minutes of weighted hula hooping burns away 330 - 400 calories.

Another benefit of weighted hoops is the enjoyment most people experience. Most people love weighted hula hooping and the consistent spinning motion often places people in a relaxing, almost meditative state. Experts explain this as mindfulness, as the mind places total concentration & focus into keeping the weighted hoop spinning around the hips. Just 10 minutes in this meditative state can leave people feeling recharged, mentally clear, less anxious and more confident. A hula hoop is also a great way for those just starting out on their fitness journey, far less intimidating than gyms and boot camps. Allowing people to slowly build up their fitness base and confidence from home.

weighted hula hoop weight loss

Incorporate Weighted Hula Hooping Into Your Routine

How you choose to incorporate a hoop depends on where you are on your fitness journey. If you are someone who eats well and exercises regularly we suggest adding a smart hula into your warm-ups. It's the perfect way to get a light heart rate whilst activating multiple body parts and muscles. This is a great way to slowly wake up your body before exercise without placing pressure on joints, just 10 minutes is all that is required to warm up the muscles in the body.

Weighted hula hoop workouts can also be the main focus exercise for those who are just starting out on their fitness journey. If you are really stuck tho and don't know where to start, don't worry, we have a perfect idea. Create a 30-minute playlist of your favourite songs, now try and hula hoop for the whole duration with your body moving in sync with the music! Once you can confidently use a weighted hoop you are now ready to try more advanced moves and techniques. Try weighted hula hooping and doing squats at the same time or maybe some shoulder raises as weighted hooping. Essentially incorporate any second exercise whilst weighted hula hooping to add more difficulty and build up additional strength.

Check out some before and after results from regular weighted hula hoops. 

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