Can You Waist train On Your Period

Many women are concerned about the shape of their body from a young age. Around their mid twenties, they start experiencing physiological changes that make their physique less attractive compared to what it was before. That is why adopting the routine of hourglass core training and sticking to that will help you maintain an attractive posture and a lovely shape.

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While this seems to be a healthy practice, there should always be questions as to what extent waist training would affect your body during different phases of your life. And in this piece of content, we will answer to the question: What are the effects of core training on your period?

First of all, let’s understand what is the period and what physiological situation does it put you in.

The women’s period or menstruations are the monthly phase that last 4 to 6 days and during which the blood and mucosal tissue discharges through the vagina.

During this phase the abdominal and pelvic areas go through a variable amount of pain that puts you in discomfort, it also affects your midriff and causes some bloats that will change your form drastically.

Throughout this phase, women tend to keep the attractiveness of their core section and their upper and lower curves without going through much effort. Midsection training in this case will assist you throughout your journey and reduce the discomfort to the lowest level.

What are the benefits of waist training on your period?

While on your period, the waist trainer will be more uncomfortable due to the cramps, but wearing it will also bring some benefits.

You can optimise the results by core training during your that period of the month, after all, you don’t want to lose the effort you put while you trained all month therefore why not during the period.

It will also flatten your stomach and adjust the contractions of your uterus in your body by applying compressions around the abdomen. This will give a better look to your abs and curves.

How will stopping training during your period affect your results?

If you want to enhance the gains from midriff training then you should consider putting your waist trainer on even during your period. The results will show significant reduction when not wearing your waist trainer during your menstruations. The bloating will be obvious and, shape will be spoiled and your curves will be stretched and have a heavy look.

With that said, bear in mind that you should not fasten your trainer to the tightest while on your period, just wear it to get a good enough level of compression and comfort that will make you fit in your casual clothes.

What type of core trainer is most comfortable during your period?

If you are already accustomed to practising training for a long period you should already know that choosing the best material which suits your activity and goals during the day is most critical for ensuring the best results.

Let’s assume that you always put a latex waist trainer with clasping hooks option. This will apply a huge pressure on your tummy and during your period may become uncomfortable and stressful.

In this case, you should give up on your latex waist trainer for a week and replace it with the neoprene waist trainer. These will put enough pressure to flatten your stomach and ensure breathability and comfort across the process.

Wearing steel boned waist trainer during your period is not recommended. In order to damp the pains of contractions and cramps, you should always leave some space for your abdomen to stretch and relieve it from the stress. Any boned waist trainer will make it harder for you to go through menstruations without problems.

As a conclusion, neoprene-based waist trainers are the best for stressful phases in your life including periods, especially if you are planning on doing workout or flexible activities

How would you wear your waist trainer during your period?

Wearing your core training is not much of a problem usually, but sometimes you get into some discomfort that makes you take extra caution when putting on your corset.

First of all, you should not put your waist trainer on if it makes you subject to any discomfort or risk of possible internal organ damage.

Second, once you take your decision, you should consider a core trainer with a zip up, lace up, or neoprene belt option. These types will provide the most convenient way to go through your period with best results.

We can guarantee that your tummy training during menstruations will be something enjoyable and beneficial through a wide range of products on our website that will give you an insight on what the best quality tummy belts for periods look like.

Other things to consider when wearing.

on your period To make sure that your experience with waist trainer through your period is not a struggle but a challenge to make your body’s shape better and fitter, you should listen to your body and follow some instructions that are recommended by physiotherapists.

For instance, fitness enthusiasts state that wearing a waist trainer helped them work out during their period and not lose the efforts of a month for a small break that will reduce your muscle strength and the final results after all.

You may need to follow a healthy diet during your period to assist with all the food cravings. The core trainer in here will make you burn fat faster and most importantly make you more attractive in your regular dresses.

In addition to choosing the correspondent type and size for your body and following the best diet for guaranteed gains and amazing results, you should try to extend the time of putting on the trainer for longer periods before getting your menstruations and then loosen it for the duration of your period but try to keep 4 hours a day as a minimum.

Will you be uncomfortable wearing during a period?

Simply, no you won’t be discomforted when putting on a cincher on your period. You will just feel some tighter compressions during the practice, don’t worry it is totally normal as long as you are not in pain and the frequency of the compressing force is not above normal.

You will just have to listen to your body and give it a break as soon as you feel that it is not responding well to the tummy belt, or maybe even consider seeking the advice of a doctor or physiotherapist.

Our online shop provides the best hourglass trainers in Australia and you surely won’t be disappointed if your core trainer is causing you problems at the moment and you are looking for a beneficial replacement. Remember! The safety of your body comes first and then come the gains and the shape that will give you more confidence in your body and more comfort along time. Here is where you can find the most convenient and versatile cincher for you whether in your period, postpartum or just a regular working woman.



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