Weighted Hula Hoop vs Regular Hula Hoop

If you are about to start your weight loss or fitness journey then adding a  weighted hula hoop is a great way to add variety while burning calories. If you are serious about starting weighted hooping then you need to ensure you understand the key difference between a regular hula hoop and a weighted hula hoop. Take it from the team of Hourglass Waist, there are some major differences between the two and in this article, we will discuss these.

Weighted Hula Hoop vs Regular Hula Hoop

What Is a Weighted Hula Hoop?

As the name suggests, a smart hoop is heavier and contains more mass than a normal, plastic hula hoop, which is usually light in weight. A standard weighted hula hoop is around 2 kilograms in weight making them require more energy and effort to use! Regular hula hoops normally weigh less than 0.5kgs and require little effort to get the spinning motion going.

weighted hoops are often made of more high-quality material that gives them more mass and shape. This is seen in the Weighted Hula Hoop which has inner curves on the hoop to ensure bruising is minimized when weighted hula hooping. Traditional hula hoops normally have a rougher texter which can be uncomfortable and displeasing to use.

If you are not the sporty or athletic type then a heavy hoop is a great exercise tool to get your fitness journey started! The extra mass and weight actually make using a weighted hoop easier to start and get the motion going. As discussed although easier to get started, the extra weight will make using and maintaining the weighted hula much harder. It is this process that activates the core, hips and waist, burning calories and fat in the process. The team at Hourglass Waist recommends starting at 5 minutes a day and gradually building up to 30 minutes over a period of one month.

Using a weighted hula hoop has numerous benefits both physically and mentally. Unlike traditional hula hoops, the new weighted version is specifically designed for aerobic fitness building, helping to burn fat around the tummy, hips and waist. Weighted hula hooping is also a great way to take a mental refresher, as the motion of using a weighted hula hoop usually makes the user extremely present to the moment. If though is taken away from the motion of using a heavy hula then often the rhythm is lost and the motion stops. It is this rhythm of the bodies movement that places people into an almost hypnotic trance! This has been compared to meditation, where the mind is totally clear of thoughts and can completely rest and recharge. Often just 10 minutes of using a weighted hoop can leave the user feeling refreshed with a better overall mood.

Hourglass Waist is the number one provider of smart hoops in Australia! Our team is dedicated to providing the best education on weighted hula hoop exercises, nutrition and techniques. It is through our passion and commitment that we aim to help all women achieve their fitness goals.