Plus Size Shapewear

    If you are a plus-size woman searching for top curve control you need to check out our large line of plus-size shapewear! All items listed come in 3XL & 4XL sizes, designed with firm points that tuck and nick parts of the body via different points. This gives the Hourglass figure look. 

    Firm control points can be found at different locations across different styles of shapewear. All are designed to flatten and smooth the body in a desirable manner. 

    Curve Control Shapewear

    For full control and support try our range of body suits, mainly the underbust full body shaper. With its high thigh control and strapping, this piece of plus size shapewear is designed with control points around the waistline. 

    Giving a more slim and hourglass shape to your body. 

    Thigh Control Shapewear 

    Plus size shapewear that targets the waist area is fantastic for those who wear an XXXL or bigger. Like all shapewear this is designed to falter the body, mostly focusing on the thighs and lower tummy region. The booty enhancer does exactly this, utilizing control points across the thighs.

     Providing support and comfort to all plus-sized women who wear it. 

    Soft Touch Materials 

    All Hourglass Waist plus-sized shapewear is made from organic, nonchemical fabrics. These are extremely soft, and smooth and seemingly fit underneath any piece of clothing. We understand how important it is to feel comfortable and that is why we have gone the extra mile to ensure all fabrics can be worn with restriction or discomfort. 

    Often cheaper brands of shapewear are uncomfortable or impracticable to wear day to day. Hourglass plus-size items on the other hand are flexible and comfortable. 

    Get an Hourglass Waist 

    If you are someone who doesn't have a defined waistline you should invest in our plus-size waist trainers. We have multiple designs that fit plus size individuals, 3XL - 4XL! Made to be worn under clothing, waist trainers will smooth out your body, giving a more toned appearance. Also, your waistline will look much more defined, giving you that Hourglass waist look! 

    Waist training is also a great way to help you burn weight around the waist, hips, core, and thigh region. Helping you feel as good as you look! 

    Plus Size Shapewear we stock

    The following items are all stocked in 3XL - 4XL:

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    Free shipping Australia-wide, Afterpay available for purchases. 

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