Does a Weighted Hula Hoop Tone Your Stomach?

Weighted hula hooping has made a comeback in 2021, with the health and fitness community meeting the TikTok world to bring back this childhood pastime. Weighted Hula Hoop are just like traditional hula hoops, except they weigh 1-2 kg heavier. Weighted hooping is a fantastic way to get in aerobic shape, with your core and hips engaged the whole time it's a great way to burn calories and fat.

Does a Weighted Hula Hoop Tone Your Stomach?

Incorporating a heavu hoop into your fitness routine can help to burn away fat, slim your waistline and tone up muscle. The spinning motion of a smart hoop requires your core muscles to be constantly engaged and activated. This process tightens the muscles in the core, giving you a more toned tummy.

If your looking to lose tummy fat and tone your stomach a weighted hula hoop is a great tool that can help. Still not convinced? check out these multiple benefits of weighted hula hooping.

  • Losing tummy fat requires calories to be burnt. Any form of cardio exercise in which the heart rate is rapidly increased will help tone the stomach!
  • Numerous studies by top fitness organizations have found that hula hooping burns seven calories per minute! That's 210 calories for every 30 minutes of weighted hula hooping. Using a weighted hula hoop requires even more energy to be used, thus more calories are burnt in an even shorter time frame.
  • Weighted hooping is categorised as low impact, meaning little pressure is placed on joints and muscles. It's a great tool to focus purely on the waist and tummy region, helping you lose sufficient weight in these areas.
  • Using a weighted hula hoop requires very little space, in fact, you can do a heavy hula session basically anywhere! That means you can watch your favourite shows on NetFlix, all while working your core and getting toned.

For variation try some of these different weighted hula hoop workouts.


this is most likely how you remember hula hooping back in your primary school days, it's super easy and a lot of fun. Begin by having your legs shoulder length apart and firmly planted on the ground. Next, place the hoop around your waist and spin it across your body, then wiggle your hips to ensure it stays spinning. This is a simple and easy way for beginners to start burning calories and tone their stomachs.


Once you have got the normal hula hooping down, it's time to up the intensity by walking forwards as you spin the hoop. This starts the same as basic hula hooping but this time you take slow steps forwards, side to side and backwards. This increases aerobic capacity and heart rate levels, also engaging in the hip muscles more with every step.


The next exercise is for the masters! Start by performing the basic exercise, next position all your weight on your left foot and push off the floor with your right. If you have ever played basketball this is like a pivot motion. You should be able to perform a full 360 with this push, whilst still maintaining the spinning motion of the weighted hula hoop. This motion requires even further core activation due to the twisting and turning of the torso.


Heavy hoops are designed to be fun and enjoyable, but don't be fooled! They require hard work and a lot of sweat if you want to achieve fantastic results. If you have only just started your fitness journey it's important to remember that persistence is key! You can usually expect to see significant weight loss and toning of muscles around the stomach in 4 - 6 weeks of regular hula hooping.