Bruising With a Weighted Hula Hoop

Bruising With a Weighted Hula Hoop

With every colour of the rainbow, these often beautiful weighted hula hoops can leave not so good looking marks and bruises on your body! Are you someone who bruises when using a weighted hula hoop? Dont worry you're not alone, and the good news is there are ways around it.

Is it normal to bruise?

Yes, it's totally normal, especially when it's your first time using a weighted hoop. Usually, the hips are where bruising will occur, often very light colour changing and tenderness.

After a day or two, this bruising usually fades and disappears completely. Strangely, when you use your heavy hoop a second time, you won't have to bruise in that area! Weighted hula hooping on your arms and legs will have similar results, with bruising occurring and then disappearing quickly. It's unlikely that you will experience bruising in those same areas again.

Some women bruise easier and more often than others. If you notice bruising is still occurring after the first weighted hula hoop session then you may have a medical condition such as anaemia or kidney pain. If so it's best to speak with your local doctor for advice and recommendations.

What should I do when I bruise?

The first thing you should do if you notice bruising is stopping the weighted hula hoop session! Quickly apply compression with something cold like a wet towel. Rest for a few days until the bruising disappears, from here you should not experience bruises in these same areas.

If you still want to continue weighted hula hooping after initial bruising try switching it up on a different body part. There are some amazing weighted hula hoop exercises that focus on the arms, chest and legs. If you have zero allergies then use pain relief gels to help heal the tender areas.

How can I help limit the bruising?

Limit practice time

Using a smart hoop is extremely rewarding, giving you multiple physical and mental benefits. It's common for most people that get into weighted hula hooping to practice for hours on end! If you want to keep using your weighted hoop even after bruising try limiting your session time to 10 - 20 minutes per day. This gives your body time to heal and replenish itself, usually, 24 hours is sufficient time for the bruising to subside.

Lower the weight of the hula hoop you’re using

The weight and heaviness of your weighted hula hoop will have an effect on your bruising. The heavier the hoop the more likely you're will bruise! Also, look for the inner ridges of your weighted hula hoop, some are bumpy, some with ridges and others smooth. Try switching it up to a lighter hula hoop if you find yourself bruising, we recommend going for a lightweight at 2kg if you're just starting out or experiencing a lot of bruises.

For most people, there will be some light bruising the first time they use a weighted hoop. This is totally normal and your body just needs time to adjust to the motion and movement of the weighted hula hoop. Our weighted hula hoops are slightly heavier and thicker than traditional hula hoops, designed with polypro material to ensure it smoothly spins across your hips.

 Its a great way to build up your cardio and booty size! Start hula hooping and slim down your hips and tummy today. 

Check out some before and after results from regular weighted hula hoops. 



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