Weighted Hula Hoop Workouts

The gym isn't for everyone, the excess number of people, waiting to use equipment and the lack of personal space. With a weighted hula hoop, you can take the workout home! It's extremely fun and a great, easy way to get fit and toned. At Hourglass best waist trainer we stock some of the best quality weighted hoops in Australia.


Can a Weighted Hula Hoop Help You Lose Tummy Fat?

The short answer is yes! Studies have shown that the rotation of the hips when hula hooping helps to activate the core muscles. This helps to burn tummy fat. The intensity of your weighted hula hoop workout depends on your own fitness level, endurance and body mass. Start slowly, with 5 minutes of hula hooping, build upon this for several weeks and soon you will be able to hula hoop for hours non-stop.


How Long Do You Need To Hula Hoop To Lose Weight?

As mentioned above it's best to start out for 5 minutes and build upon this until your able to hula hoop for 30 minutes straight with no break. Its commonly known that 30 minutes of exercise a day can burn sufficient calories and help boost mental health.

A great way to make your hula hoop session even more enjoyable is to listen to your favourite podcast or music. This can really make the time fly and help to stay engaged in the activity.

Using a smart hoop to lose weight is a great starting point but remember there are other factories in play with weight loss. Diet and genetics will influence how quickly and easily you lose or gain weight with regular exercise a must in order to truly see results. Pairing a weighted hoop with waist training, yoga and the regular physio will help to assist in weight loss.


Building Abs With a Weighted Hula Hoop!

The motion of hula hooping has a number of benefits. Helping to reduce body fat, increase bum size, tone muscle, align the spine to the body, improve posture, trim your waist, burn tummy fat, improve stamina and gives you a positive mood boost! Building abs and core muscles are also an added benefits of weighted hula hooping, however, it is not the most effective form of exercise for this goal.

To improve your ab muscles you need to focus on movement which moves the core in and out. This includes exercise such as sit-ups, dips, planks, crunches, bicycle kicks and leg lifts. These help to activate the core more so than weighted hula hooping. Build endurance & fitness with a weighted hula are vital in order to execute the above exercise properly, remember to control your breathing during these workouts.


Are Weighted Hoops Good For Arms & Legs?

Can a weighted hoop be used to tone arms and legs? This is a common question and the simple answer is yes! Simply place the hoop on your arm or leg and begin the swinging motion. One thing to note is the weighted hoop can at times be too heavy for the arms to support. This can lead to injuries and bruising on the joints which are more sensitive. Injuries can also occur so it's important to ensure you can support the weight of the hula hoop before trying to attempt any exercises on your legs or arms.


How to Hula Hoop? 

Using a weighted hula hoop really helps to burn calories around the waist and midsection. It's important to ensure you have good posture and body weight is supported fully with your legs shoulder-width apart. Make sure you always breathe when weighted hula hooping, this will minimize the chance of injuries occurring in the back. Relax your shoulders and neck, raise the hula hoop and spin, this will start the hula hooping motion. Keeping with this spinning motion, with your hips swinging and arms slightly raise to stabilise your balance.

Follow These Tips When Weighted Hula Hooping:
  • Have your feet firmly planted on the ground.
  • Ensure your posture is good with chin raised high and spine aligned.
  • Ensure shoulder and neck are relaxed.
  • Press your toes to the floor for better support.
  • Ensure your stomach isn't clinched, need it relaxed and comfortable.
  • Keep your body tall with a slow, natural breathing pattern.


Weighted Hula Hoop Exercise's to Avoid.

If your looking to burn hip and waist fat then a weighted hoop is the perfect exercise tool. If your looking to burn weight in and around these areas then light heavy hula hoops are the answer. As mentioned above we recommend avoiding using a hula hoop on your arms and legs if you cant support the weight.

Once you are comfortable weighted hula hooping for 30 minutes straight you can move onto more intense forms of exercises in hula hoop dancing and weighted hoop performances. These are fun and breathtaking activities that involve a lot of throwing, catching and hand tricks with the weighted hula hoop. When first starting out with this, use lighted hula hoops around the 2kg weight mark and build upwards as it gets easier.

Hourglass Waist recommends going with our lightweight neo weighted hula hoop which weights 2kg. This is perfect for beginners and experts with soft padding and curve design to stop bruising and the feeling of discomfort. As mentioned it's vital to avoid these exercises if your arms and legs can not support the weight of the hula hoop.


How do You Prevent Pain & Injuries When Using a Weighted Hoop? 

Being flexible and ensuring you always stretch is vital to ensuring no strains or injuries can occur. Extra exercises such as yoga can really help the bodies longevity as well as help align the spine and improve posture. If you have any concerns about your body it's best to consult with a doctor or physio before you begin weighted hula hooping.

Utilising yoga and pilates to help improve the bodies flexibility and strength not only minimise injuries but helps to strengthen and boost mood. These types of exercise are known to have multiple psychological benefits such as improved confidence, a better outlook and positive thinking patterns. The process of improving flexibility doesn't happen overnight, but consistent effort over two-three months will definitely help decrease the chance of injuries.

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