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Known as the modern corset, the Hourglass Waist Trainer will squeeze and curve your midsection for an hourglass shape. Helping you boost your confidence and appearance. 

Benefits include:

Instant midsection reduction

Flat tummy

Enhanced hourglass curve 

Instant confidence boost 

Posture support and back control

Reduced back pain

Why Use a Waist Trainer


How to use an Hourglass Trainer?


How To Pick The Right Size?


Help us fight anxiety

1 in 3 women will experience anxiety during their lifetime


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What Are The Benefits of a Waist Trainer?

Get that sought after hourglass figure

Perhaps because of Catherine de’Medici’s court rule, the thought of achieving an hourglass figure has long been * almost * every woman’s desire. To the eyes of society, it is assumed to be the most proportioned and flattering figure. Though modern-day conversation persistently fights to put an end to this type of narrow thinking, the fact remains that some women still opt to possess the physique.

Waist training helps achieve this goal by cinching your waistline and emphasize the curves of your hips and bust. The results can show in as little as two weeks if you properly train your waist regularly.

Achieve more weight control

Because of the nature of waist training, it poses a challenge to consume a hefty amount of food per meal. Because your waist is cinched down, there is not much room left for you to eat, making you feel full much faster, and offering an instant weight control solution.

This of course does not mean that wearing waist trainers alone helps you lose weight since it does not help burn off any fat, they merely restrict the amount of intake you can have per meal.

Get much needed back support and improve your posture

Core trainers are designed to stay a certain size and therefore should not be able to accommodate room for slouches. The metal cage built into core trainers provides support for your back so you maintain impeccable posture whether you are standing up or sitting down. If you regularly train your waist, not only will your waistline appear slimmer but your back will also get used to being upright.

Gain more confidence and achieve a happier disposition

When you pick the right waist trainer it will have you sitting and standing upright, with a slimmer figure, women have reported feeling happier and more confident throughout their day. It has the same effect as wearing your favourite outfit, putting on makeup, or any other motivational activity that instantly lifts up your mood and kick starts your day on the right foot.

Not a lot of people realize the importance of starting your day right. Approaching situations with a happier disposition can help you in making better, more informed decisions. If you are feeling happy, you reflect that to those around you and therefore enhance your relationships with family, friends, coworkers, or even the cashier at the convenience store.

Tighten your waist postpartum

Pregnancy is a beautiful experience but not every new mom has it easy when trying to get her pre-pregnancy figure back. It has been said that core trainers can help new moms recover faster by keeping the separated abdominal wall in place and support the healing process.

It is important to stress that new mothers should consult with their doctors before taking this on.

Gather extra support for your bust

Waist trainers actually target multiple regions of your body. The main objective, of course, being your waistline but it also helps accentuate your bust area, and straighten your posture. Especially for women with bigger breasts, a heavy bust can really put a strain on your back when you have to carry it all day. Waist belts help lift and support to ease the pressure.

waist trainer Australia

Are Waist Trainers Safe? 

If you want to use a gym waist trainer for the first time, you may have questions about waist training safety. Well, shaping your body does put your organs through changes, but technology has evolved to be available for men and women of all sizes.

Physiotherapists have helped design the safest products to do the job. Always follow the advice of your personal doctor or physiotherapist to keep the practice safe. Most importantly, listen to your body!

Please note: Hourglass Waist doesnt recommend waist training for children under the age of 18.

Can I Wear a Waist Trainer If I'm Pregnant or Trying to Conceive?

We suggest you do not wear a gym waist trainer or any style corset if you’re planning to have a child in the near future. It can disrupt the placement of your womb from your pelvic area. Don’t risk any damage if you are planning a pregnancy. 

Since your pregnancy test only turns positive after a few weeks, take this into account and stop using it once you make the choice to conceive. We also recommend not waist training when on your period if you are trying to conceive.

How Long After Pregnancy Can I Wear It? 

Starting a waist training routine after pregnancy will help you in more than one way. It helps support your back. It assists you with strengthening your abdominal muscles and joints inside your hips. It can also reduce your midriff size over time.

The changes after pregnancy to your uterus will take one to two months after labour. Having a comfortable gym waist trainer to assist you in your journey will bring great results.

Check with your doctor and once you get their approval you can start wearing it as soon as you feel ready after giving birth.

In the early stages, you can use a simple compression binder for light pressure. You can move to the neoprene version with tighter settings later.

At the end of the second month, usual routines with even tighter options and longer periods of time will be easier.


Does Waist Training Hurt?

Wearing a waist trainer does not hurt! The waist trainer will apply pressure on your abdominal area. This is the area from below your breast to the top of your hips.

The organs here are sensitive to movement, so be careful with how tight you start.

Being hurt means you haven’t followed the pace of your body. Stop right away and consider changing to a more comfortable one, a looser setting or larger size. Results may take time, but you should always put your safety first.

waist trainer australia

It Feels Too Tight!

When using for the first time, suck in so your waist trainer can fit. It might feel a bit too tight or uncomfortable for a few hours, but this shouldn’t last long.

The garment will start to shape your body. Once you’re used to waist training your tummy, you might be able to scale down the size.

What Are the Best Waist Training Exercises?

As well as wearing this product, you need to follow a healthy lifestyle to get the perfect shape you’ve always dreamt of. This includes working out with equipment like a weighted hula hoop and a healthy diet.

Consider doing fat burning exercises to burn the fat around your tummy. Combined with the heat produced by your gym waist trainer Australia, you’ll get a well-defined curve and lift around the booty. You can also follow a workout routine for ab muscles to build strength.

How Long Does It Take to Work?

Genetics play a huge role in how long your progress takes. Some people get quick results. Others need more time to see the same results. It’s okay - there are efficient ways to enhance this!

You can follow a workout routine for your abdominal area and hips. This will burn more fat around your stomach and build muscle mass in your buttocks. Burning the fat is temporary if you stop. Don’t lose all the hard effort if you give up after the first 8 weeks!

You should keep going and adopt this practice as a regular routine.

Can You Eat While Wearing a Waist Trainer?

Gym waist trainers apply firm pressure around your tummy. This does not mean waist training will prevent you from eating whilst wearing a waist trainer.

If worn properly, it should not cause any discomfort. Usually, we eat while sitting so you may consider more flexible materials (neoprene or a compression binder) during this time.

This actually assists with more versatile movements. Digestion will not be disrupted due to the pressure applied by your waist training corset. In fact, it will reduce the fat build up in that area and give an even better distribution of muscle strength and fat tissue around your body.

Waist Trainer Maintenance!

Designed to make you sweat, ensure to wash your waist trainer at least once a week! This will help to maintain the longevity of the waist trainer Australia. Keeping it stored in a dry and safe place is also strongly advised.

waist trainer australia


How To Put On Your Waist Trainer?

We suggest wearing your waist trainer over a tank or a layer of cotton band.  Wearing directly against your skin is not suggested! You may need to take into account the size of your clothing or wear loose clothing for the best combination.


Clasp the hooks on the right to the eyes on the left of your shaper.

You may find many rows of hooks, so choose the row that gives the most comfort.

Start from bottom to top and wrap the bottom of the waist trainer around the narrowest section of your midsection.

Pull it down into your hips as you move upwards.

Work your way up, so that each eye matches to the hook in the correct row chosen from the beginning.

Every time you move to the next hook, grip both ends against your abdomen.

Once you reach the top, it should fit exactly where you need it to.

For the first time, you can leave the last two hooks at the top open for more comfort.


Best Ways To Wear a Waist Trainer?

Always ensure your waist trainer isn't loose so you can get maximum results!

For the first time, to enjoy the first hours of use, use the lowest, loosest hooks (last row) on the waist training corset around the narrowest area of your stomach.

After the first 5 hooks, pull the waist trainer down your abdomen till it reaches the top of your hips and takes its place. Then, unfasten each hook from bottom to top. If it feels too tight, leave the top two clips open for comfort. Ensure it is tight against your tummy.

For lace-ups, rather than hooks it is not the same. The laces need to be fastened at the back. It can be hard the first time and you can use the help of someone else.

It is still easy, just keep tightening the laces around your body and the middle section of the garment. Then fasten the laces on the top, bottom or both sides based on the style. This kind is often more comfortable than hook-eye as long as you put it on right.

Another style is neoprene gym waist trainer. These are the easiest to wear and fasten. There is a belt you clasp before you head to the gym.

Bear in mind you need to wear your waist trainer in the most comfortable way to break in and take the shape of your body. This gives the best results, and prevents skin damage.

For the first few days, just wear it for two or three hours a day. Then, start extending the period of time as it starts to break in. The waist trainer will feel better day by day. Wearing for 10 hours straight by the end of week 4 should be fine.

Do you want to gain the best from your waist training cincher? Make sure you choose the best size, material and highest quality product. Once you receive your gym waist trainer, practice our advice. Your body’s comfort is the top priority, and it may take some weeks for your body to fully break into the waist trainer



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