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Waist Trainers and Shapewear

Shop the best waist trainers and Shapewear for weight loss and perfect hourglass body when you browse through our Hourglass Waist Trainers Australia collection today. Boost your confidence and appearance with our waist cinchers and shapewear.



Weight Loss & Toned Abs 

Our Hourglass waist trainers are excellent for weight loss workout routines. Manufactured in Australia, we sell only the best waist trainers to help achieve those perfect body curves.

Burn Fat 

Made with special patented fabric that helps you burn belly fat. 100% safe to use.

Prevents Back Pain 

Achieve your waist trainer targets and correct posture at the same time. Correct waist training increases blood circulation and reduces back pain.


To begin, use target shapewear 2 hours a day and increase hours daily over 1 - 2 weeks. With its seamless waist trainer design, you can also use it at work. It is super comfortable and unnoticeable under most clothes.

We know it may feel odd at first, but waist training should never hurt!

Waist Trainer Size


Choosing the correct size of best waist trainer is the next step. Do the following:

  • Measure the size of your midriff and hips. 
  • Know your body shape. This also plays a big role in the size you should get.
  • Pick the best waist trainer size based on these.


We are striving to create & support a world where women of all ages, races & sexuality are free from anxiety! That is why a percentage of every order is donated to Women's Beyond Blue on your behalf.


FAQs and Information

Made in Australia, our corset waist trainers gently squeeze and curve your midsection to emphasize your hourglass curves. Excellent for weight loss exercises and you can start to get distinct waist trainers before and after results in as fast as two weeks.

Our waist training collection is for women aiming for controlled body weight loss to achieve an hourglass body. There are also men's waist trainers and plus-size shapewear.

Yes, our Hourglass waist trainers work and are very effective for body exercises. However, learn how to pick the best waist trainer for an hourglass body since the shapewear comes in different corset sizes. Available material types are Latex Waist Trainers, Steel-boned Waist Trainers, and light compression neoprene Waist Trainers, offering various levels of tummy control to provide maximum shaping.

Yes, but understand that the best waist trainers do not just make the belly fat disappear like magic. Rather, they gradually squeeze your torso and help the body take a new hourglass shape during waist training exercises.

Everyone! Waist training is sometimes perceived as only for women who want an hourglass figure, but we have men's waist trainers designed for sculpting too, enhancing thermal activity and perspiration. There are also plus-size shapewear available. Just browse through our waist cincher collections, including premium latex waist trainers.

Absolutely Yes! Wearing Our Hourglass Waist Trainer Australia, embodying the Kardashian look with premium spiral steel boning, does not hurt! Just ensure you shop for the correct corset size.

Duration of waist exercises using our target shapewear may vary but we don’t recommend wearing your corset waist trainers 24 hours every day. Give it some break and pace yourself reasonably; remember, consistency is key to utilizing thermal activity and perspiration for optimal results.

Do not wear women's waist trainers if you are planning a pregnancy since it may shift womb placement. We also don’t advise training when on your period if trying to conceive.

Our Hourglass Waist Trainer Australia products are essential for postpartum recovery. They help achieve a slimmer look after birth and support the healing process of the abdominal wall. We stress that new mothers first consult with their doctors before trying a waist cincher. Moreover, women with bigger breasts, due to milk production or otherwise, need the best waist trainers for effective back support – available on the Zippay alternative, Afterpay.

Hourglass Waist Trainer Australia doesn’t recommend training with our target shapewear for children under the age of 18.

Using our corset waist training routine after pregnancy helps support your back, strengthen your abdominal muscles, and gradually reduce your midriff size.

The best women's or men's waist trainers can sometimes feel too tight for a few hours the first time, but their Velcro adjustments help in achieving that perfect tummy and waist cinch. but should subside as the target shapewear starts to shape your body for the perfect hourglass body. Once your tummy adjusts, you may scale down the size of corset waist trainers.

There are many cardio exercises you can try with our waist cinchers at the gym or at home but we advise you don’t include sit-ups and crunches. Purchase today with Afterpay (an alternative to Zippay) and get your latex waist trainer immediately. Only do them with the corset waist trainers off to avoid injuries or discomfort.

The duration to see a corset waist trainer before and after results varies for waist training products, often increasing thermal activity and perspiration for quicker results, especially when using a belly band. However, exercising your abdominal area burns more fat and builds muscle mass in your buttocks, ideal for achieving a curvy silhouette.

The best waist trainers only apply pressure around your tummy but do not prevent you from eating whilst wearing them. We only advise you to eat less, but more frequently for a perfectly cinched waistline.

Wash your corset waist trainers Australia weekly and store them in a dry and safe place to lengthen their lifespan and maintain their shape.

Quite similar to the traditional hoop but bigger and heavier, fitness exercises with our Hourglass weighted hula hoop increase cardiovascular fitness and help sculpt a curvy figure. It also helps to burn tummy fat, trim the waistline, and strengthen back muscles & improve an hourglass figure. It is now available with Zippay alternative, Afterpay.

Wear it over a tank or a layer of cotton cloth. You can also wear loose clothing over the corset waist trainers when being discreet, ensuring effective tummy control and providing maximum comfort.

Choose what best fits your sculpting needs, including options to buy waist trainers: Choose what best fits your sculpting needs.A regular torso waist trainer would have a length of around 15 to 17 inches. Hence, the shapewear having lesser lengths is referred to as the girdle, often designed with spiral steel for added flexibility. short torso waist trainers.

Get the best classic waist trainers, Gym Waist Trainers, and our best-selling Latex Waist Trainers when you shop on Hourglass Waist Trainer Australia. Also enjoy FREE SHIPPING on all shapewear orders across Australia, including PerthMelbourneSydneyBrisbaneGold Coast & Adelaide. Let us guide you through the Hourglass body journey with flexible payment options like Afterpay!

Wear the best waist trainers to help you lose weight, provide maximum belly control, and also burn off excess belly fat.

The best waist trainer results include support to maintain impeccable posture whether standing or sitting down.

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