Padded Shapewear

    Hourglass Waist range of padded shapewear, designed to give you an instant hourglass look with the addition of hip dip pads hip enhancer for enhanced curves. Small, Medium, Large, Extra Large, Double Extra Large, Triple Extra Large sizes in women's shapewear, ensuring everyone can get the best deals on our butt enhancer garments.

    Enjoy free shipping unless the total order is below our minimum, on all orders, including our popular butt enhancer garments. Leaving them with tools and information to make the right choices as they improve their life. It doesn't matter if you're looking for padded shapewear, bigger butt enhancers or other self-care items, Hourglass Waist Trainer (featuring waist shapewear technology for an enhanced figure), can help with our range of women shapewear with butt pads for sale, including popular padded panties and waist butt lifter panties.

    All our items will help give you the confidence you need to wear any outfit on any occasion.

    Padded Pants

    Padded pants, designed as a body shaper, come with seamless materials that are ideal for controlling and smoothing out areas of the body, including the tummy. These high waist panties enhance your body shape effortlessly. Fully removable & customizable, these padded pants can be placed in almost any area to enhance your curve. Designed with multiple adhesive layers, our padded pants provide an hourglass look, highlighting your natural feminine curves with waist cincher options.

    Butt Lifter

    Are you looking to give your booty a little lift with our butt lifter shapewear and achieve bigger butt goals?

    Get the best deals on our collection now!

    With Hourglass Waist booty shapewear, including our butt lifter enhancer, you can enhance your buttocks and get that hourglass look. We stock a number of butt lifters and body shaper hip enhancers that are available for free shipping across Australia. Get enhanced body shape with our carefully designed products.

    Our booty enhancers, including the latest hip dip pads from b free australia, give your flat bum an instant lift, adding more shape, curve, and overall roundness, making it a product women love for instant confidence. With multiple sizes and designs, it's well worth checking them out on our booty shapewear collection, including B Free's hip enhancers and shaper panties for extra support.


    Designed to leave no lines or marks, these lady-padded shapewear suits, featuring butt enhancer pads, aren't like any other pair of panties. They act as high waist panties for a seamless body shape, doubling as shaper panties for extra smoothness under clothing.

    • Made from lightweight materials you won't even notice you are wearing them.

    • Stay dry in winter and cool in summer with our breathable shapewear – hourglass waist collection, featuring waist cincher options for an enhanced silhouette and padded inserts padding for women shapewear for added comfort.

    • Suitable to wear in almost all settings - gym, office, bar, offering seamless shapewear comfort with the added benefit of tummy control, hip enhancer padding, and waist shapewear for a slimming body silhouette.

    • Little to no restrictions meaning you feel comfortable, especially when wearing our seamless panty shapewear with hip dip pads hip enhancer, designed for daily use without discomfort.

    Start feeling more confident with lady-padded shapewear, including our innovative padded hip and butt hip enhancers and removable 4 pads for customizable shape, featuring butt lifter waist designs for extra allure.


    Gives your bum an instant lift with an Hourglass Waist Booty Enhancer featuring lifter padded technology, a product women love for its flattering results. Made from breathable materials, this booty enhancer flattens your cor area while highlighting your backside. Coming in multiple sizes and colors, don't wait and gets yours today. Plus, enjoy free express shipping on your order.

    Get the booty you have dreamed of with this instant body shaper hip enhancer. high waist control panties booty shaper!


    This design, incorporating butt pads and padded butt lifter technology, is the most traditional and straightforward when it comes to booty shapers and a staple women love for everyday wear. It has three fundamental designs that function to enhance your booty while reducing the waistline, acting like a booty lifter and waist shapewear for a bigger butt, providing a silhouette women love.

    Our booty shapers, featuring tummy control, hip enhancer technology, and padded panties for a seamless cut on the butt region, sit and snuggle across your hips and thighs. These three factors combine to give the appearance of a bigger plump booty, thanks to our shapewear designed with push up butt lifter technology.

    booty enhancer

    Made from eco-friendly materials, our shapewear for women for sale is fully breathable, ensuring comfort all day, now featuring free standard shipping in Australia. Our booty enhancers, including women butt lifter options and padded enhancer designs, can be worn under jeans, dresses, shorts, or skirts for a versatile and flattering look.

    Perfect for achieving that bigger fake butt shaper look. For those with sensitive skin, its anti-wear technology ensures zero chaffing or irritation occurs when wearing seamless shapewear with panties and underwear designed for comfort. Keeping you comfortable & cool no matter what activities you get up to, thanks to our innovative body shaper design, which women love for its blend of style and support. Shapewear is designed to enhance your body shape while ensuring comfort.

    Currently, we stock multiple different sizes to fit women of all shapes.

    Small, Medium, Large, Extra Large, Double Extra Large, Triple Extra Large.

    Check it out hereBlack Waist Booty Shaper

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    Padded Shapewear

    Padded shapewear, including butt lifter panties with pads hip enhancer padded underwear, has become popular among women as a means of achieving an hourglass figure and boosting confidence in their body.

    Padded shapewear, a type of shapewear garment, supports the hips and abdominal area while also creating a smooth silhouette using butt lifter panties with hip dip pads hip enhancer for an improved figure. The use of high-quality fabrics and hip pads in our bigger fake butt shaper can help burn fat and sculpt the torso. While waist training can result in amazing results, using shapewear – hourglass waist selection ensures the right size for maximum results and comfort. 

    Remember, a discount code may void free shipping unless the total order meets the eligibility criteria.

    In Australia, there are many brands available, including quality trainers, the best quality corsets, and women's shapewear control panties big butt approved with push up butt lifter. The use of waist cinchers and push up butt lifters have also become popular among new mothers looking to regain their shape after childbirth, offering a secure way to enhance their post-pregnancy body. They can also help improve posture while sitting or at the gym, thanks to our specially designed padded butt lifter. With the right corset, women can achieve their desired hourglass figure with ease, thanks to our women's shapewear control panties.