What If My Waist Trainer Is Too Loose?

When looking for a comfortable waist trainer, it is important to get one that fits like a tight hug but allows you to still breathe easily and move freely. Many might take this too far and end up getting a trainer that is too loose. Of course, safety should never be compromised when choosing an undergarment, but neither should efficiency – otherwise, your time and efforts would all be for nothing.

In other cases, some may find their waist training belt fitting perfectly at beginning but start to get loose as their routine progresses. This means your training is working like a charm. In order to get a good fit before purchase, or to determine when it is the right time to size down from your current undergarment, we have listed a few tips below.

What If My Waist Trainer Is Too Loose?

What style of core trainer should you look for?

If you are petite. Certain waist trainers might be too long for someone with a small build.  This will lead to the undergarment pinching or digging into your ribs and hips. Opt for a trainer with a shorter design to avoid this. Similarly, check the size chart to see if that particular trainer comes in a shorter option.

If you are tall. If you have a long torso, some waist training cinchers might not provide the best coverage on your lower abdomen. Best to check for undergarments with longer cuts.

If you are curvy or plus sized. Trainers with straps provide more support and coverage for those on the curvier side. It is also recommended to get one with multiple rows of hooks, so that you may easily adjust as you size down.

3 tips on how to choose the right sized corset

Once you have figured out the perfect style for you, make sure you get it in the right size!

  • Get your measurements

The surefire way to purchase a midesction belt that fits you is to measure yourself beforehand. The measuring tape should be wrapped around snug – not too tight or too loose. For beginners, we recommend getting bands 2 to 4 inches smaller, while more experienced trainers can comfortably get bands that are 4 to 6 inches smaller than your waist.

The areas that you should measure are:

  1. Full bust (if you opt to get an overbust-styled waist trainer)
  2. Under your bustline
  3. Waistline
  4. Hips
  5. Torso
  • Test out the first hook

Try putting on the trainer and closing the first hook. You do not need to test it in the tightest setting, but if it was too easy to fit into, or if you still have too much breathing room even on the tightest hook, try a size smaller.

  • Walk around a little

Once you have found a snug yet comfortable fit, try walking around, sitting down, raising your arms, and basically get the feel of the undergarment on you. If you feel it sliding around, falling down a little, or does not support your back in an upright position, try a size smaller.

3 signs your trainer is now too loose

If you have successfully purchased a well fitting undergarment but find it getting a little too comfortable, here are 3 signs it might be time to get a smaller one.

1) If your waist training corset slides around as you move

It is important to note that a midsection belt expected to fit better with time. After the initial adjustment period, both your body and garment slowly adapt to each other, making your training more comfortable and not feel as tight as your first day.

However, if even after setting it on the tightest fit and the undergarment starts to slide around as you move, it is definitely too big for you. A little breathing room is fine as long as you can still feel it hugging you tight enough to work its magic.

2) If there is little to no heat around your waist

A big factor into how effective training your waist can be is the amount of compression your abdominal region is exposed to. This healthy level of constriction triggers heat around your waist, helping you sweat out excess water weight while holding your body down in its narrow shape. If you are not feeling the heat, then there is not enough compression to go by and your trainer is too loose.

3) If there is a lack of support and you start to slouch

Another benefit of waist training is how it greatly improves your posture. The constriction on your torso forces you to sit upright and keep your back straight. If you find yourself being able to slouch of carry on a poor posture, there is not enough support and your trainer is too big.

What you should do if your cincher is too big

Carrying on with an undergarment that is too loose for you will only lead to discomfort, inconvenience, and wasted time. There is little to no impact a tummy belt can have on your body if it will not be able to provide ample support and compression. On top of that, it can be uncomfortable to wear one that will keep moving around under your clothes.

The best you can do is find a seamstress experienced enough with compression garments to alter it for you. Other options would be to sell or gift it to someone then just buy a new set. If it is still new and unused, try your luck by returning it to the store in exchange for a smaller tummy belt that fits just right.

3 waist trainers we recommend

Latex waist trainer – The everyday waist training corset is built to be flexible, comfortable, and can withstand vigorous activities – even exercises!

Gym waist trainer  – Highly flexible and made of thermal neoprene fabric that helps you perspire to maximize your workout routine.

Classic waist trainer – Embedded with inner steel bones that help provide extra compression and support.


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