Can You Wear A Waist Trainer After A Tummy Tuck?

After most kinds of abdominal surgeries, medical professionals would usually recommend wearing some form of compression garment to help keep the wound closed and heal faster. It also helps in reducing how much the affected skin sags and assists in forming better contour, most especially for cases such as tummy tucks.

However, it is important to understand that medical compression garments and waist trainers designed for fitness are two different things. Because of this, it is best to pause a waist training routine after undergoing a tummy tuck, especially if your medical professional confirms that your garment may not be used for your recovery.

Can You Wear A Waist Trainer After A Tummy Tuck?

How Long Should You Wait After Surgery?

Truthfully, it all depends on how your body is healing post-tummy tuck. Everyone’s system reacts differently to trauma, causing some patients to heal faster (or slower) than others. As a safety precaution, we highly recommend following your surgeon’s instructions when it comes to wearing a compression band post-tummy tuck surgery, especially since the area concerned is of direct exposure to the garment.

It is also best to attend your follow up sessions in order to determine how far along your progress to recovery is and get a better idea as to when you can wear a corset again.

If you were looking for a ballpark estimate, we would recommend waiting at the very least 6 weeks before continuing your routine. If the wound needs more time, it can take between 3 to 6 months before it is safe to slowly start wearing a compression band.

Why Do I Have To Wait Post-Surgery?

After a tummy tuck, the blood circulation throughout the abdominal skin changes. Applying compression on the area may end up impeding blood flow and therefore compromising how well the wound can heal.

If one insists on wearing a waist trainer too soon after surgery, this may cause loss of tissue and complications with their recovery. Also, it is best not to apply too much pressure on newly moved skin especially if the new blood supply has yet to be established. It should be able to breathe and have enough room to adapt.

Should I Wear A Waist Trainer Before A Tummy Tuck?

Yes! A lot of surgeons actually recommend starting a waist training routine at least a few weeks before getting a tummy tuck. They find that this helps tighten the skin around the abdomen, lessen the area needed to operate on, and also help in hastening the recovery period afterwards.

If you are looking to starting a routine, we suggest checking out our articles below for tips and other helpful information:

Important reminders

Even if your wound is only mild and you are recovering well, always remember not to apply too much compression right away. In fact, even if it is completely healed but only fairly recently, it is always ideal to still exercise caution.

When just starting out again, keep your garment on a loose setting until you and your chosen medical professional are confident enough to proceed with your normal routine.

Waist trainers we recommend after recovery

The Everyday Trainer

This is highly elastic, versatile, adjustable, and smooth on the skin. It is designed for everyday use and can be worn to work, errands, gym, or even at home. It is made of durable latex material.

This option is also very elastic, versatile, and adjustable. It is made of neoprene fabric, which makes it perfect for workout sessions since it is built to retain heat. This feature allows you to sweat more when exercising and flush out water weight.

This option is made with multiple steel bones embedded within the bodice. This makes it a less versatile and more constricting. It is perfect for special occasions, as a fashion statement, and for tasks that are not physically demanding.