Afterpay Waist Trainers at Hourglass Waist

Key takeaways: 
  • Purchase items without paying upfront with Afterpay.
  • 25% down payment on any item.
  • Remaining payments are made in two weeks periods.
  • Hourglass Waist has Afterpay available.
Waist trainers Afterpay purchases are a great way to start waist training even when you don't have the full funds. Many sites are utilising Afterpay. Allowing customers to get the items they desire without paying the full price upfront! Let's go deeper into what exactly Afterpay is.

What Is Afterpay?

Afterpay is a buy now, pay later financing platform for shoppers! It allows consumers to purchase items like waist trainers without paying the full amount. This platform utilises payment technology, giving Australians the ability to purchase items loan free.

How Does Afterpay Work?

Simple, Afterpay allows approved consumers to purchase items now without paying interest! There are no credit reviews and no fees when you pay on time. This is unlike other loan-based companies which require interest to be paid on top of the money loaned. Afterpay services are available across thousands of consumer products within the country.

Purchasing an item with Afterpay splits your payments into four separate payments. First, you place a 25% down payment on the item. Next, you have a six-week period to make the remaining 75% of payments! This is usually done in two-week periods.

Afterpay services do not have a minimum purchase amount. Purchase requirements can be subjected to the seller's discretion.

Does Hourglass Waist Have Afterpay?

Yes, Hourglass waist allows all their customers to purchase waist trainers via Afterpay. Place the item or items of your choice into the basket and at checkout, you can choose Afterpay as an option. If you already have an active waist trainer Afterpay account you can proceed per usual. If new you will be transferred to the Afterpay signup page.

Shopping With Afterpay Waist Trainers 

If you want to start your waist training journey consider purchasing a waist trainer via Afterpay. Remember a $10 fee is applied if you are unable to make payments.  Ensure you will have future funds available to make any Afterpay payments. The good news is late waist trainer Afterpay payments do not negatively affect your credit score.

Trust Hourglass Waist for the best waist trainers in Australia. We stock shapewear and other items across each state. Including Perth, Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane! Helping women of all ages, races and backgrounds smash their fitness goals and feel more confident.

if you are ready to take the first step go to our collection page and find the right waist trainer, shapewear or butt lifter for you. All our stocked items are available for purchase via Afterpay.


Using Afterpay as a payment method for purchasing waist trainers can be a convenient and affordable option. Afterpay allows customers to make purchases and pay in four equal installments, with the first payment being made at the time of purchase. The payment schedule is predetermined and payments are automatically deducted from the chosen payment method on scheduled pay dates.

To use Afterpay, customers need to provide their payment details, including their billing address and mobile phone number. Afterpay orders are subject to transaction value limits and may require appropriate refunds if necessary.

Afterpay also offers customer support for those who need assistance. Customers can contact Afterpay customer support to learn more about how the payment schedule works or to resolve any issues related to their Afterpay purchase. It is important to note that Afterpay is a service, and not a lender or financial institution.

Customers can view their payment schedule and remaining three payments on the Afterpay website or mobile app. Afterpay is also available for international customers, although international billing addresses may not be eligible for Afterpay installment purchases.

In summary, using Afterpay for waist trainer purchases can be a convenient way to pay for these products in equal payments. Customers can take advantage of this payment method and enjoy the benefits of easy payment schedules and appropriate refunds if needed.

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