Breaking in a New Waist Trainer FAQ

We get a lot of question here at Hourglass Best Waist Trainer, with one of the most common being how do you break into a new waist trainer? It can be intimidating for first-time waist trainers but don't worry, the team at Hourglass Waist is here to help!

breaking in waist trainers


How do you break into a new waist trainer?

Slow and steady wins the race and this has never been more true than with a waist trainer. Use the rule of two, basically, two inches of reduction equals two hours a day for two weeks. This is a basic guide, you can go for a little less or more depending on how you feel, no one is the same and this truly applies with waist training. Always remember to listen to your body, you know it best and it will tell you when enough is enough.

What happens if you jump straight into waist training? If you try wearing you waist trainer for 12 hours straight on the first day you will most definitely experience injuries, please do not do this and be patient when breaking your waist trainer.


How do you measure for a waist trainer?

First thing you need to do is find your natural waist, this is the smallest section of your torso, it can be more tricky find for those with a rectangle or apple shape. You need to feel and find your ribcage, follow it down to where your torso becomes hollow and you come to the edge of your rib cage. This is where your waist is. Now you need to get your tape measure out, measure your waist, record your measurement and edge of 2 inches, this is your optimum size for a waist trainer.


How do I know if a waist trainer will fit me?

Waist trainers are designed to fit girls and guys of all sizes, just follow the advice above and ensure you get the correct size. Currently, we stock the following size:

  • S
  • M
  • L
  • XL
  • XXL
  • XXXL


Where can I get a good waist trainer

there are a few quality distributors of waist trainers around the world, however, if you're based in Australia you need to seriously consider Hourglass Waist.

How do I know I'm getting a real waist trainer over a fake?

Unfortunately, there are a lot of dropshipping companies who sell low-quality waist trainers directly from China. These are often made of lesser material making them far easier to break and not producing any results. How can you tell if its fake? easy just look at the price, though you found a steal for under $30! nope, that's a fake and we strongly recommend avoiding these.

What is waist training?

 Simple, the act of using a waist trainer when you exercise! This targets the tummy and hip area helping to create an hourglass look.

What is a waist trainer liner?

A waist trainer liner is a breathable fabric or cotton that is used to separate your skin from the waist trainers. When you are partaking in vigorous exercise the last thing you want is sweet getting trapped into your waist trainer or your waist trainer rubbing against your skin. This is where liners come in handy helping to absorb sweat and stop friction.

Does your natural shape come back if I stop waist training?

Unfortunately yes, it's just like going to the gym to put on muscle or lose weight. If you stop exercising and eating right then yep, you are going to go backwards! Keep a healthy exercise schedule with your waist trainer to ensure results are maintained.

Can you wear your waist trainer underclothes?

The simple answer is yes, in fact, the original Victorian age corsets were under their dresses!

Should I see a doctor before waist training?

For most cases no, but this comes back to knowing and listening to your body! If you suffer from any physical issues such as asthma, scoliosis or fibromyalgia please advise with your local GP before waist training.

Can you waist train in an overbust?

We strongly recommend not doing this, simply cause the overbust can alter your overall shape and make it more difficult for your waist trainer to fit! As we have discussed above its very important to ensure your waist trainer firs correctly, any alters and changes to your body will have an effect on your waist trainers fit. Another disadvantage is the combination of the overbust and waist trainer can seriously limit your breathing, this can be very dangerous and something we do not recommend, especially when exercising.

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