What Is a Waist Trainer Made From?

Since time immemorial, there has always been an “ideal” figure that society placed upon women. Though at a brief point in history, that ideal figure was full-bodied and thick, the modern world is now accustomed to the notion that women need to be slimmer and toned.

It’s no secret that not everyone has the time or capacity to regularly hit the gym and prepare healthy meals. A lot of people may enjoy this lifestyle, but it is not a walk in the park for the rest of us. So what can the modern woman do about a little excess weight on her belly? Simple: A high quality Waist trainers.

What Is a Waist Trainer Made From? 


What is a waist trainer?

A waist trainer is a type of shapewear and is a body-hugging undergarment used to create a more slimming figure. There are various types of shapewear with differing styles, materials, and areas targeted - but they all share a common goal: to make women look and feel sexier.


How does waist training work?

Waist trainers constrict your mid-section and keep it at a certain size for long periods of time. Through regular use, your waistline will eventually adapt and reduce in size. This result is especially seen in the classic waist trainer with an inner bone structure.


What is it made of?

What sets a classic waist trainer apart from the other types of shapewear is a high quality inner bone structure or cage. These are typically constructed with either steel or hard plastic that is slim and flexible. The purpose of the cage is to hold the undergarment’s shape and provide extra compression while at the same time, molding to the natural form of the wearer’s midsection, offering a healthier and more comfortable experience. The undergarment is then cinched and reinforced either at the back or front with lace, Velcro, a zipper, or metal hook and eye closures, to create that sought after hourglass curve.

Though the traditional caged waist trainer is still a popular choice, new options that maximize the benefits of their materials alone, without the addition of the classic inner bone structure, are now available worldwide. With the rise in demand, some are specifically adapted for workouts or for wearing under everyday clothes. However, these do not provide the extra back support and pronounced hourglass figure as the traditional waist trainer design.

The bodice of waist trainers can be made of one of several materials, including:

  1. A waist trainer with a satin bodice is smooth to the touch and allows the fabric of your outerwear to naturally drape over it smoothly. This can be extra beneficial for clothing that is textured or rough.
  2. A waist trainer with a mesh bodice allows for much more breathability while still attaining its smooth and sleek look. The added benefit of this material is that it keeps your body cool and allows your skin to breathe, making it a breeze for days you need more than one layer of clothing.
  3. A waist trainer with a cotton bodice is soft against the skin and is one of the most comfortable options. This type of bodice material is perfect for those just starting out into the waist trainer world as it is cooling, lightweight, and cozy.
  4. A waist trainer infused with a latex bodice is smooth and highly durable. Because of its durability and firmness, it offers one the most effective amounts of compression. This type of material is also ultra body hugging and often feels like a second skin.
  5. A waist trainer with a neoprene bodice is perfect for gym goers and health buffs alike. This material helps you get the most out of your fitness routine because the thermal neoprene helps you get rid of any excess water weight as you go about your activities. Its excellent heat retention mimics your time spent in the sauna and helps you burn more fat as you exercise.


How did waist trainers start?

This history of a waist trainer all started with an Italian noblewoman of the 1500s – Catherine de’Medici. By her marriage to King Henry II, she had been the queens consort of France for over a decade and had an extensive influence in the political life of the country at the time. By her ruling, the entrance of thick waists at court was banned, forcing all women to find quick, easy, and effective alternatives. This was where waist training all began.

At an attempt to control the thickness of their waistlines, women started binding their waists tightly and wearing corsets as undergarments. This practice continued on until it had been a staple layer to a woman’s daily outfit for centuries. To this day, both the average woman and famous celebrities put them on during special occasions such as weddings, parties, award nights, and the like. Little by little, however, the corset made its way to daily fashion. Some women simply desire to carry an hourglass figure and look their best even for a regular day shopping with the girls - and we are all for it!


What are the benefits of waist trainers?

The hourglass figure

Achieving an hourglass figure has long been the desire of multiple women. Latex waist training helps achieve this goal by cinching your waistline and emphasizing the natural curves of your hips and bust. The results can show in as little as two weeks if you properly train your waist regularly.


 Better weight control

Because of the nature of waist training, it is difficult to consume too much food at a time, simply because a cinched waist does not leave much room. This makes you feel full much faster, and also offers an instant weight control solution.

This does not mean that wearing waist trainers alone helps you lose weight since most materials do not help burn off any fat. Pairing this benefit with a thermal neoprene waist trainer, however, will definitely speed things along.


Back support and improved posture

Gym waist trainers are designed to hold a certain form and therefore restrict the occurrence of slouching. The metal or plastic cage built into classic waist trainers provides support for your back so you maintain good posture whether you are standing up or sitting down. If you regularly train your waist, not only will your waistline appear slimmer but your back will also get used to being properly upright.

Especially for women with bigger breasts, a heavy bust can really put a strain on your back when you have to carry it all day. Waist trainers help lift and support to ease the pressure.


Gain more confidence and achieve a happier disposition

Because waist trainers have you sitting and standing upright, with a slimmer figure, women have reported to feel happier and more confident throughout their day.


Tighten your waist postpartum

Pregnancy is a beautiful experience but not every new mom has it easy when trying to get her pre-pregnancy figure back. Waist trainers can help new moms recover faster by keeping the separated abdominal wall in place and support the healing process.

It is important to stress that new mothers should consult with their doctors before trying this method.

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