Waist trainer Australia Discount Code

Key takeaways:

  • Discount codes are a great way to save money on your order.
  • There are many waist trainer discount codes available.
  • Hourglass Waist offers 10% off all first-time orders via its VIP10 code.


Looking for waist trainer discount codes to help save on your order? Discount codes are a great way to save money and still get the item you want. Hourglass Waist offers multiple waist trainer codes, but first, let's explore more what a discount code is.

What is a discount code?

A discount code is simply a public or personalised released code that allows customers a reduction in the overall cost of a product or service. In eCommerce, they are very common. Placing the code within the checkout page of the online store.

Physical brick-and-mortar shops also have discount codes in the form of coupons.

Types of waist trainer discount codes

Percentage Discount- This type of code offers a flat percentage off any purchase. Often this price doesn't influence any additional taxes or shipping costs.

Free Shipping- Discount codes may not influence the price of an item but instead offer free shipping. It's important to note that Hourglass Waist already has free shipping on all Australian orders.

Fixed Dollar Discount- This type of code offers a set amount of the order. It's common for these waist trainer codes to have criteria or thresholds that must be met. For example, you may get $20 off your order when you spend over $100.

Does Hourglass Waist offer a discount code?

Yes, Hourglass Waist offers multiple discount codes.

We offer 10% off on all first-time orders! Allowing you to get your waist trainer for a fraction of the price. Plus free shipping across Australia is included.  The 10% off waist trainer discount code is VIP10.

For those who are returning to Hourglass Waist, we offer a 15% discount in the form of our VIP15 code. This is our way of saying thanks to those loyal customers at Hourglass Waist Trainer.

How do I get my discount code?

For first-time orders, your VIP10 discount code will be added directly to your cart upon checkout. Meaning you do not need to manually place your waist trainer discount code manually. Taking 10% off your order total.

Waist trainer Australia Discount Code

For those using our VIP15 for 15% off their order, you must manually place the waist trainer discount code into the coupon bar. Once you have done so the new price will be calculated and displayed.

Hourglass Waist Best Trainers 

Hourglass Waist has been supplying the women of Australia with high-quality waist trainers. Helping women start their fitness journey, smash their goals and feel more confident! Find your inner curve with one of our waist trainers today. We stock multiple sizes and designs for women of all ages, shapes and sizes.

Some waist trainers we recommend are:

Classic corset

Gym compression band

Latex cincher

We also stock shapewear and booty enhancers.

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