How often should you use a weighted hula hoop?

How often should you use a weighted hula hoop?

How often should you use a weighted hula hoop? this is a common question and its answer is a bit of a grey area. For first-timers to weighted hula hooping we recommend starting small and building upwards. Basically, begin using your weighted hula hoop for 5 - 10 minutes, take note of how your body feels during and after. After one week of daily use, if you feel no pain or discomfort it's time to increase the usage amount. Increase the time of weighted hula hooping to 30 minutes, do this a minimum of three times a week. If you are not a beginner and further along on your fitness journey, you can start at 30 minutes per day of the bat! Remember, listen to your body, if you feel any discomfort or pain afterwards go see your local GP.

There are multiple benefits of using a weighted hoop in your regular exercise activities, these include:

Calms your mind

Using a hoop for just 10 minutes a day can help calm your mind. It's an excellent tool for helping to find and develop rhythmic breathing, training the mind to be present at the moment as you swing the weighted hula hoop around your waist. This repetitive motion provides a feeling of relaxation and calmness.

Increase hand and eye coordination

Like any form of physical exercise, using a weighted hula hoop requires good hand-eye coordination. As the hula hoop spins across the waist your mind and muscle are simultaneously being trained, thus improving your hand-eye coordination.

Burns calories

People ask how long do I need to use my weighted hoop? Well, recent studies have shown that using a normal weighted hula hoop burns 3 - 7 calories per minute! This number is doubled when you use a 2kg weighted hula hoop for exercise. Adding extra resistance and pressure on the spinning motion, helping to activate hip, waist and core muscles.

Strengthens your back muscles 

Spinning a weighted hula hoop across your waist requires the activation of back muscles. If your someone who suffers from bad posture then using a weighted hula hoop can help to strengthen back muscles, realigning the spine via increased blood flow and improving posture naturally. If your someone who works an office job, slouched over a computer from 9 to 5, then you will benefit greatly from just 10 minutes a day of weighted hooping.


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