Weighted hula hoop benefits

Weighted hula hooping is one of the most popular toys and pass times in the last 50 years of Australian history. They were originally created for children, they have since evolved into a productive exercise tool for adults, plus they are loads of fun. If you have ever tried a weighted hula hoop you will know the feeling of spinning the hoop on your waist, as you try and keep it on your hips. Weighted hula hoop & waist trainers are the modern-day weighted hula hoop. Designed with variations of soft plastics & heavier weight, this weighted hula hoop has a number of health benefits when used consistently.

What are some of the health benefits of weighted hoops you may ask? Although a fairly new product, there have been multiple studies that give strong evidence to several mental and physical benefits! Some of these are:

weighted hula hoop


Increase your aerobic capacity

Multiple studies from government departments recommend finding at least 30 minutes of moderate-intensity aerobic exercise per day. This can slightly increase or decrease depending on age, for example, a 60-year-old only needs 20 mins of low-intensity exercise 5 times a week.

Using a hoop is a fun way to get more moderate aerobic exercise into your daily routine. It activates the core, hip and waist area much like belly and salsa dancing does! A perfect exercise for those in their older age who cant place much pressure on joints and muscles.

Some of the aerobic capacity improvement you will see include:

  • strengthen lungs and heart muscle
  • Increase blood flow
  • Strengthen immune systems
  • More oxygen to the brain for better function
  • decrease stress levels
  • improved blood flow


Burn away calories

30 minutes of heavy hooping can burn up to 165 calories and about 190 - 200 calories for men. This is a similar level of fat burning you would experience with ballroom dancing, light jogging or hot yoga. If you older and cant place pressure on your joints then using a smart hoop is a great option to help you burn away calories and stay fit, toned and lean!


Decrease fat around your hips & waist waist

Studies have shown that 6 weeks of hooping can have dramatically positive effects around the waist and hips region. After 6 weeks of daily weighted hula hooping for 30 minutes, the results showed that the women lost on average 3.4cm around their waistline, and 1.4cm from around their hips.

These amazing results can also be achieved with the help of a waist trainer. Hourglass Waist stocks some of the best waist trainers in Australia, with multiple designs and options, we can provide you with the best gear for your waist training journey.


Improve Posture

A lot of men and women suffer from slouching shoulders and overall poor posture! This is getting worse and worse due to smartphone and our consistent use of technology. Using a weighted hula hoop helps to train you to stand tall, with your chin point slightly upwards. Good posture is vital when it comes to weighted hula hooping and consistent use will help you retrain your posture. Another benefit of heavy hooping is that it naturally realigns your spine and helps to improve posture over the long term.


Core muscle mass growth

Using a heavy hoop requires you to use and activate the core muscles, this is needed in order to keep the hoop spinning on your hips. Due to the core muscles needing to work and be active during weighted hula hooping, it helps to build up strength and muscle in the core region! Studies done show that hula hooping for 30 minutes a day can help increase muscle mass in this area in a matter of weeks. 

Pairing weighted hula hooping with another exercise such as planks and crunches will help to lose fat and build tone mass within your ab region. Looking for a six-pack? following the above will help you achieve that goal.


Motivates you to start exercising again

Often developing a regular exercise routine is all about momentum! When we stop for a few weeks or even days we lose all the motivation for exercising and hitting the gym! If you can also find at least 30 minutes of light-medium aerobic exercise every day. From this, you can build up and increase your fitness level. Weighted hooping is a perfect way to stay on the fitness journey, so even if you miss the gym, you can still find a way to be active.

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