Waist Training For Beginners

You might have come across articles on waist trainer belts while searching about weight loss, fitness, or fashion, and felt curious about how it works. If you are not exactly sure what a waist trainer is but are keen on giving it a go, we are here to explain the basics and offer guidelines to help you start your waist training journey.

Waist Training For Beginners


First off, what is a waist trainer?

A waist trainer is a kind of high compression undergarment that is designed to cinch your abdomen and enhance your curves, instantly giving women an hourglass figure and giving men a V-shaped torso. This sleek and sculpted form can also be enjoyed for the long run if sustained with a proper maintenance routine.

Most if not all trainers trigger your midsection to sweat, which can be very helpful if you use it to work out since you enjoy greater results with roughly the same or even less effort put in. Apart from being a great gym buddy, your undergarment fosters healthy posture by preventing you from slouching, and we all know that good posture has amazing health benefits in itself.

How long do I need to wear it for?

When it comes to duration, slowly but surely is key. A common mistake most eager beginners make is to rush the process when in fact, it would be healthier and more effective to do the exact opposite. With compression constantly placed around your waist, you will need to give your body enough time to adapt to its new environment and welcome the constriction.

A good amount of time to start off with is no longer than two consecutive hours per day. You can continue this pace until you feel ready to take in more. From there, you can slowly add more time, we suggest in increments of on hour or so, whatever you feel is suitable for your body. If you want to put in more hours, you can try splitting them up with two hours in the morning and another two in the afternoon.

Does that apply to all waist trainers?

Though the varied compression levels and materials used may affect how fast you progress, this applies to the general bunch of waist trainers – except the classic waist trainer. These are fashioned from the traditional corsets of the 1900s, wherein manufacturers embedded the lining with flexible steel bones circling around the undergarment, to foster extra compression, extra support, and an overall more intense routine.

If you have ambitious waist training goals and want to opt for the classic waist trainer right off the bat, we suggest giving it a total of two weeks to break into. This time will allow not only your body to adapt, but your trainer to mold to your natural form as well å- this step is crucial so as to prevent warping or breaking the inner steel bones.

Within the first two weeks, you may fasten the trainer all the way up but be sure to keep its reinforcements loose, giving your abdominal area a little wiggle room. As the days progress, slowly tighten it until your trainer takes form and you get fully accustomed to the constriction.

What is important is you listen to your body, make sure you are comfortable, and to not power through any sort of pain or severe discomfort.

Will one waist trainer be enough for an effective routine?

Yes and no – it all depends on your specific routine and the goals you have set out for yourself. If you are only planning to train every other day and for specific activities (ie to the office or to the gym), then one compression garment should suffice.

However, if you plan get results as fast and safe as possible by maintaining a daily routine, we recommend investing in two to three pieces. As mentioned before, waist trainers have heat retention abilities that make your abdomen sweat. By letting this dry and wearing it again without properly washing your trainer, you are at risk of skin irritation, rashes, or bacteria build up.

Another reason is that you can opt to wear a specific trainer for its most suitable activity. There are trainers designed for everyday wear, for exercising, and even for special occasions. Being able to alternate these will definitely make your routine a breeze to adjust to.

3 types of waist trainers you can alternate:

1) Latex Waist Trainer – The one you can wear everyday

The Latex Waist Trainer is definitely a practical choice for beginners because you can wear it to almost any activity. Be it the office, on errands, at home, or to the gym, this model is highly versatile and convenient, making it easier to start your journey. It is produced with high quality latex that offers the perfect balance of flexibility and compression, all while optimizing comfort. This is a great choice for those who are aiming for a slow routine and do not want to invest in many pieces just yet.

2) Gym Waist Trainer – The one you can supplement with your fitness regimen

The gym waist trainer is designed with extra heat retention to help you sweat much more when working out, not only enhancing your results but also letting you shed off excess water weight. It is highly durable which is an important benefit for fitness enthusiasts because of the need for extra core and back support when lifting weights or performing rigorous activities. This is a great choice for those who are merely using the compression band to intensify workouts and supplement your weight loss routine.

3) Classic Waist Trainer – The one you wear to special events or if you have an ambitious goal

With the brief introduction above as to what this trainer features, you can be certain that this is a great choice for those who want to get the most out of their routine and are serious about achieving the hourglass or V-shape figure as soon as possible.


Waist trainers have seen a rise in popularity since 2016, with many Instagram models and celebrities utilising waist training to help sculpt their bodies. Hourglass Waist has quickly become Australia's number one provider of waist trainers, delivering high-quality items with low prices that can't be matched! With a simple goal and vision, Hourglass Waist has helped hundreds of Aussie women achieve their fitness goals, helping to burn calories, fat and boost self-esteem and confidence.

Waist trainers & shapewear are a new form of self-care tool that helps to burn away fat in targeted areas. After a few weeks of waist training, you will notice your waist, core, thighs and hips begin to lose fat, tone up and develop a natural hourglass curve! Safe and comfortable waist trainer can be worn anywhere at any time. Driving in the car, studying at uni, working out in the gym or chilling at home. A waist trainer can be utilised to help burn calories as well as improve posture and spine alignment.

Short term benefits can also be found with waist trainers! As soon as you place one on you will notice your body looks more smooth, fattening out undesirable areas of fat. Muffin tops & love handles are two very noticeable points of fat build-up, but with shapewear or a waist trainer, these areas get smoothed out.



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