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What to Expect When Waist Training?

When you first try on your waist trainer you will notice an instant change in the curve of your body. You will notice you look a size or two smaller and that your hips & tummy are more smoothed. Looking for long-lasting effects? You need to start training if you want to achieve and maintain a natural hourglass figure.

How quickly you achieve your goals depends on a few factors within training. Everyone is different so there is no exact formula. Below are some known factors:

  • How long are you wearing?
  • How many days per week are you wearing?
  • How tight is your waist trainer?
  • Are you including a healthy diet and active routine?
  • Are you on a special diet or currently fasting
  • What is your natural body type?

If we took the measurement of two girls with all the same answer to the questions above we would still see variations in results during a training program. This is because genetics also plays a huge role in body size, mass and shape. We are all truly unique, with no person having the same body as another!

Training really enforces this. If your looking for some ideas for training then check out our full 30 day guide on how to get the most out of your training.



Hourglass training is a popular form of exercise to help achieve a natural hourglass look but does it work? Women have been using similar exercises since the 90s to help burn tummy, thighs and hip fat, making this form of training really effective. Remember when you are working out to always stay hydrated and ensure you listen to your body! If you feel ill, dizzy or unable to breathe comfortably then stop.



If you want to ensure you keep and maintain your hourglass figure it's best to pair your Hourglass Waist trainer Australia with consistent training. This means your exercising at least 3 times a week & eating a healthy diet.

Often women ask how long do you need to train to see results? Remember, there is no exact answer to this question, everyone has different bodies which means results vary at different speeds. Usually, most women see positive results within the first month of training. 



It's important to always listen to your body, if you do this and ensure to stay hydrated then there is no danger. When first starting out it's best to ease in with a max of one hour wearing your waist trainer. After a few weeks, you can build up the time in the waist trainer as well as the intensity of the training.

Finding the right size?

Our size chart below gives you all the right measurements to ensure you get the correct size. Choosing the wrong hourglass Waist trainer Australia can lead to several issues such as rashes, irritation to the skin and bruising. When first breaking in your waist trainer we recommend wearing it over top of a light t-shirt or tank top. This will stop the waist trainer from rubbing on the skin. Alternatively, you can opt for a latex waist trainer that is much softer and comfortable to wear.

Size Waist (cm) Centre Front (cm) Centre Back (cm)
S 65-72 32 27
M 72-78 32 27
L 78-84 34 29.5
XL 84-90 34 29.5
XXL 90-96 34 29.5
3XL 96-102 34 29.5
4XL 102-108 34 29.5



We recommend that no children or pre-teens should use a tummy belt and only young adults over the age of 18 should engage in training. The reasons being that kids and teens bodies are still developing. This is especially true for young women who are experiencing major changes to their body. Training during this time can place physically & mental stress on young women and is something that should be avoided completely.

Using post-pregnancy

Can you use a core trainer after pregnacy? Once your child is born, your body will need 4 weeks to lose the body fat and water retention that's held when pregnant. During these 4 weeks, your uterus returns to normal size, and any swelling that has occurred will go down. 6 - 8 weeks after giving birth you can return to training, just ensure to ease into it and listen to your body for any signs.



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The Classic Trainer comes in two colours namely: Black, Beige. The classic is designed with breathable mesh material, providing comfort and an instant hourglass shape. Easy to conceal, the classic trainer can be worn on almost any occasion! Helping to provide a more curvy look that will leave any girl feeling confident.

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The Gym Trainer comes in three colours namely: Black, Pink, Grey. The gym core is your ultimate gym partner. Designed with smart textiles, this trainer has sauna-like technology woven into the fabrics of the trainer. Feel the burn and sweat like you never have before!

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The Latex Trainer comes in three colours namely: Black, Pink, Blue. Designed with ultra-soft latex this tummy belt provides an instant hourglass look whilst still helping to burn and trim the fat around the hips and thighs. Coming in multiple sizes and colours the latex core trainer can be worn at the office, university or at a social gathering.

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