Can You Eat With a Waist Trainer On?

eat with a waist trainer

Can You Eat With a Waist Trainer On?

If you own a body shaping waist trainer or have been reading up on them for quite a while now, you would know that waist training has multiple benefits. Aside from a slimmer figure, you also gain healthier eating habits and better posture. The process is pretty straightforward – you wrap a firm compression garment around the torso, focusing on the abdominal region. Tighten it as you go along, slowly adjusting to the constriction, until you eventually strip off a few inches and achieve the hourglass shape.

The nature of core training understandably raises a few concerns, one of these being if it is possible to eat with one on. The short answer is yes, eating is most definitely possible while wearing a waist trainer. However, it comes with precautions.

Due to the pressure placed on the stomach, it cannot fully expand as it usually does. Eating in your usual amount and at your regular pace may feel a little uncomfortable. To make your routine easier, here are 5 nutritional tips for your waist training regimen.

1) Eat less, more frequently

The fact that there is lesser room for intake is one way a corset helps you lose weight - you feel full faster and have better portion control.

In order to still get a healthy amount of calories and satisfy hunger pangs, many find it a good balance to space out their meals throughout the day. Instead of eating three main meals, break them up into five or six smaller meals. This method is also beneficial to your metabolism.

2) Eat more fiber, less processed food

To avoid getting hungry too often, include a lot of fiber and protein in your meals, they are not only the healthier choice but they will help keep you full much longer. A simple meal plan can help keep you on track and even speed up your weight loss.

Lessen the amount of processed food in your overall diet. You do not need to totally cut it out, but just keep in mind that fatty, sugary, and acidic food all have high chances of triggering heartburn and other digestive issues. With a constricted midsection, the possibility of this occurring is even higher because there is physically less space for stomach acid to take up, and it can easily work its way to the esophagus when triggered. That being said, waist trainers are safe to use especially if you are mindful of what you eat and how much you eat.

3) Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate!

It cannot be stressed enough how important keeping hydrated while you train your midsection is. The compression around your midsection has a thermal effect and will have you sweating much more than usual. There are many types and forms of trainers and you need to consider your needs and lifestyle when deciding on your waist trainers material. The thermal effect is present and expected with all types of fabric but even more so with a Gym waist trainer since these were specifically designed to help flush out excess water weight as you work out.

Rehydrate your system with enough water to keep your organs functioning at its tiptop shape. Regularly drinking water also helps lessen the frequency of hunger pangs.

A good rule of thumb is to drink about 0.5oz – 1oz of water per pound you weigh. If you live an active lifestyle, naturally sweat easy, or are an avid coffee drinker, consider taking in even more H2O.

4) Focus on exercises that strengthen your core

If your goal is to lose weight, waist training is just one piece of the puzzle. You need to pair it with a good nutrition and regular exercise to really maximize its effects on the body.

You do not need to have a rigorous routine as long as it is done consistently. Make sure to include core-strengthening exercises as these help strengthen your back and trim love handles. It also helps flatten your stomach and cut a few inches off – basically everything your tummy belt is also aiming to do.

We recommend putting on a gym tummy belt for these physical activities, but an Everyday waist trainers will work fine as well, especially if you are doing home workout sessions or just aggressively cleaning the house to get those reps in.

5) Shift your waist training schedule

If you still find it uncomfortable to train while eating even after giving yourself enough time to adjust to the guidelines above, try out different schedules until you find what works for you.

Some people find it too challenging to train their core during the day as it can sometimes get in the way of their daily activities. A good alternative is to wear a waist trainer as you sleep instead. This way, you can get enough training hours in without it clashing with your errands or work schedule. It is important to note that not everyone finds this easy and it would be best to ease into it if (and only if) you are already comfortable in a trainer for long periods of time.

Another option is to simply take your waist trainer off while you consume your meals and place them back on after you have comfortably digested your dish. If going with this practice, we recommend still eating in small amounts per time so it will not be too difficult when you have to fix the trainer back on.

What kind of trainer can I eat in?

There are generally two types of trainers: those with steel bone cages and those without. With the inner cage absent, this gives the compression band a little more room for elasticity and makes it easier to eat with it on. The classic tummy belt with the inner cage, however, offers a more intense level of compression and is a more advanced form of waist training. These may be hardest to eat in if you are not accustomed to them yet.


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