How Long Do You Have To Wear a Waist Trainer To See Results?

how long do you have to wear a waist trainer to see results

Waist trainers are simply worn to help reduce the size of your waist, they're specifically designed to tightly fit around your waistline, helping to achieve the desirable hourglass figure. Despite the recent surge in popularity thanks to Hollywood celebrities such as the Kardashians and Meg the Stallion, the waist trainer is nothing new, making it first appeared in the Victorian ages! Since then the waist training has come a long way, with new improved models that can safely & naturally improve your waist.

Now to the main question, how long should I wear my waist trainer to see results? This is an open question and really depends on your body type! One thing we definitely don't recommend at hourglass waist is to wear your waist trainer 24hrs a day from the start. Your body needs time to adapt and get used to the waist trainer, think of it as breaking in a new pair of heels. While you first try our waist trainers its important to listen to your body and what is tells you as you implement a waist trainer into your life.

Like we mentioned, waist trainers react differently to each individual but one thing we do know is that eventually results are always seen! One thing that is a factor in the speed of waist trainer results is how pliable your core muscles are. If you are someone who has core strength or a lot of flexibility when it comes to side to side motions (maybe you're a basketball player back in high school) you will find that a waist trainer will have quicker results. The same also goes for your body composition, if its soft or hard. People with softer body composition will compress and reduce at a quicker rate than more dense women.

The first few weeks of using your waist trainer are called the seasoning phase. This is where you spend the majority of the time monitoring how you feel while wearing the waist trainer, does it feel too hot or tight, are you developing any rashes or hot spots? after using the waist trainer do you feel any rib pain? Wear your waist trainer for one-two hours per day in the first two weeks, make mental notes about how your body is reacting and gradually increase the time of use by 30 mins each second day. This will help your body naturally adjust to the waist trainers clinch!

Once the first two weeks and seasoning is over you can now wear your waist trainer for six hours a day to see maximum results in minimal time. Remember its important to have an overall healthy lifestyle to ensure you see desired results! You need to have periods of exercise while wearing your waist trainer, ensure your diet is up to scratch and keep a consistent routine of cardio. With all of these, your waist trainer and a little bit of patience you will be able to achieve the curves you have always wanted.

How long does it take to lose my new waist shape if I stop?

Unfortunately just like anything in the human body if we don't use it we lose it! So let's say you go on a diet and lose 10 kg but then stop the diet, well how long will it take you to put that weight back on? All our bodies have unique differences and reactions so it really depends on how your body reacts once you stop using your waist trainer. What we here at hourglass waist recommend is to always have a healthy lifestyle which includes physical exercise and a proper diet that works for your body! This combined with minor use of the waist trainer will ensure you are always at your optimum health, feeling confident always!


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