Are Waist Trainers Good For Working Out?

Can you workout in your waist trainer?


Can I wear my waist trainer while working out?

The answer is most defiantly yes! In fact, our best women waist trainers are specifically designed to be used while working out and activating your core. Now, before we go over different exercise you can do with your wast trainer let discuss how they work.

If you haven't tried a waist trainer before it might come across unbelievable that this could actually help with flattening my tummy, or that you couldn't possibly work out in a waist trainer? The truth is our tummy belts are beyond comfortable when in use, they are made of steel boning which gives amazing flexibility and a full range of movement, despite the tight compression, when you're working out.

You will find that particular exercises may be more challenging to do while you're in your gym trainer. This however just makes the exercise more difficult, giving you a more high-pressure workout, one you won't forget anytime soon.


Do they improve my workouts?

Hourglass products will not only flatten your tummy, but they also give a sauna effect when your sweating during physical activity, this includes low energy activities such as walking!

Here is how the processes works:

  • The latex waist trainer that is highly stretchy is what usually makes up your waist trainer, this is what stimulates the core muscles during activity.
  • When exercising you have an increase in body heat, this leads to an increase in your perspiration rate as your body is trying to cool down.
  • It is this increase in sweating and perspiration that helps to trim your waist and flatten your tummy!

This simple but effective method is the optimal way to workout.


Which Design Do You Recommend For a Workout?

Our Gym Waist Trainers are specifically designed for workouts. To begin with, they are designed to be more durable, to withstand high usage and plenty of movement!

Our  Trainers are made of latex to ensure the thermal activity is stimulated, this is the key to the sauna effect that increases perspiration. Just follow your normal workout routine with the waist trainer to see amazing results.

Another positive note about our waist trainer is that they are shorter than typical standard tummy belt. This goes back to the free motion while doing core-based exercises.


Get The Most Out Of Your Workout! 

No matter what exercise you are doing the waist trainer will help!

Not only do waist trainers help flatten your tummy, giving you more confidence when you're in the gym, but they also increase your bodies core temperature helping to maximise your workout! simple exercises can see amazing results, some of them are.

  • Going for a walk or jog
  • Playing a team sport
  • Lifting weights at the gym
  • Cross fit session

Below we have compiled a list of some workout routines that are perfect for trimming your waist.


Best exercises 

1) Work your core

Everyone wants abs, but improving your core muscles has multiple benefits besides giving you a six-pack. Exercises such as back extensions and hip flexors will burn the midsection, add that with your corest  and just 10 minutes on each workout will have your tummy trimmed in no time.

2)  Work That Waist 

Waist trainers do naturally hide your love handles, but its when the corset is off that counts! We recommend side plans, bicycle crunches, burpees and Russian twists! Now, this exercise might sound intimidating but its very simple! Just sit on the floor, put your legs straight up and lean back forming a V shape in the air. This will engage your core and burn them love handles as your twist side to side, here is a good guide from women health on how to do so! These exercise combined with your tummy belt will ensure your love handles are a thing of the past.

3) Tone That Muscle 

If you are looking to tone up your muscle then you can't go past a full-body, light workout. This will ensure your muscles are more toned and fat burned. We also have to give a special mention to our favourite toning exercise, Squats! Combine your squat routine with a waist trainer to see maximum booty results when you're working out.

We hope you feel more confident to get active with your Gym waist trainer this summer.

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