How Many Hours A Day Should You Wear A Waist Trainer?

There are not a lot of hard and fast rules when it comes to waist training as it is a very personal experience and there are many ways to go about it. The most common questions revolve around where you can use a hourglass trainer and for how long can you keep it on. There is not one answer that fits everyone’s needs and lifestyle, it really all depends on your goals, preferences, and basically what feels right for you. However, we have a short guideline below so you can better consider your options and see which is best.

How Many Hours A Day Should You Wear A Waist Trainer?

Where can you wear a waist trainer?

To the gym. Waist trainers are perfect for the gym as they retain a lot of heat, which helps in making you sweat out the more you move around. It is also a great tool to support both your back and core. Not only will it maximize your time at the gym, it can improve your form and make all those heavy lifting safer. Recommended for this: Gym compression band, Latex everyday trainer

To work and / or school. By getting the right fit, you can ensure a comfortable and safe experience with a waist trainer on even as you go about your daily routine. Apart from molding your midsection, wearing it for activities that involve a lot of sitting can also be healthy for your posture. Recommended for this: Latex everyday trainer

To run errands. If you need to do the groceries, get your car washed, pick up laundry, or any other errand, wearing a compression band adds a spin to the mundane task. Because of a trainer’s heat retention features, you can activate your core and flush out water weight while doing everyday things. Recommended for this: Gym compression band, Latex everyday trainer

To a party or special events. Corsets not only have long-term benefits when consistently used, but they also offer instant results. By simply putting one on, you can lose 1 up to 3 inches off your waist and make it easier to slip into that party dress. Recommended for this: Classic corset

To sleep. If you are just starting a waist training routine, this option is not the best one for you. But once your body has adjusted to the constriction and you can comfortably stay in one for hours without any pain or tenderness, then yes you can wear a waist trainer overnight! In fact, this is the go-to option for those that do not want waist training to get in the way of their daily activities. Recommended for this: Latex everyday trainer

How long should you wear a waist trainer?

Beginners. We recommend waist training for a maximum 2 consecutive hours per day for the first 2 weeks. This gives your body ample time to adjust to a constricted environment without getting too stressed out or put into shock. If your waist trainer has steel bones, it will also need this type of pace to mold to your form. When forced, the garment can either warp or break.

Once this period is over, you may add in increments of up to 1 hour per day, as you see fit.

Experienced. If you have been waist training for at least half a month, you may wear it for as long as you feel comfortable. Keep in mind never to wear it past the recommended 12-hour duration. Your body needs to rest in its natural form for at least half of the day per time to avoid any injuries or negative side effects.


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