Celebrities Who Love Waist Trainers

Celebrities, they are always slightly ahead of the curve (pun intended), aren't they! maybe it has something to do with the fact they have millions of dollars, or brands practically throwing their new products at them for free. Either way your most loved (& hated) celebs have got the drop of the best products in the market, including plus size Waist trainers. Yep, that's right, from Jen Aniston to Cardi in a Rari these celebs jumped on the waist trainer wave to help enhance their natural body shape.

In today's article we will be going through 3 celebrities who love waist trainers, get ready some of these ladies (cough & man) absolutely love waist training and you will see why!

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 Celebrities Who Love Waist Trainers

Kim K

we are going to start with the Queen of the curve, the lady who put big booties in the face of mainstream society, of course, we are talking about Mrs West (Nah that don't sound right) Kim Kardashian! also known as Kim K, KK and KeKe.

We all know Kim Kardashian is a businesswoman, always keeping an eye on the culture and an ear to the voices of young girls all over social media. Kim could be seen rocking a blue latex waist trainer in early 2018, posting the pic in a story on her Instagram. Now if a waist trainer is good enough for the queen of curves then ladies its good enough for you!

Jessica Alba

A slimmer build then Kim Kardashian, Jessica Alba has legit taken the breaths away from men since the early 2000s (Just ask my brother!) so much so she was voted as one of the 100 hottest women of the 2000s, showing that women of all shapes and sizes are seen as beautiful. Jessica Alba was first seen rocking the waist trainer gym version during a workout, she has been quoted in saying she loves the extra burn and sweat that is generated when using a waist trainer but remember to drink plenty of water she added. As an advocate of physical health and exercise, we can see why Jessica would be a fan of the gym waist trainer.

Nicki Minja 

Okay, this one is for all the barbs out, I know you're probably a little annoyed I called Kim K the queen of curves, (okay, more than a little annoyed) but Nicki is a very close second in my eyes. Nicki blasted onto the music scene with a barrage of hits from the young money camp, quickly taking over the rap and pop game. With music videos like super bass and anaconda, there is no surprise that Nicki use the gym waist trainer in partner with a strict workout routine to keep those hips and waist looking amazing. Nicki has been quoted to live by her waist trainer as a morning exercise routine when on tour, from the looks of her last music video it's definitely working.

So there you have it, 3 celebrities who use waist trainers, if you have any other ideas or opinions you would like us to explore on our blog just get in touch. We would love to hear from you, love Hannah.

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