Common Waist Training Mistakes and How To Fix Them

Venturing out into a new weight loss routine will definitely have its fair share of blunders. Hourglass waist training, as straight forward using the garment may seem to some, is no different. The overall usability may be a breeze and the schedule is absolutely flexible, but there still are proper and safe ways to go about it. Ignoring these details may not only damage your waist trainer but may also put your health at risk. Below, we list down the common mistakes almost all waist training beginners make, and how to fix them!

Common Waist Training Mistakes and How To Fix Them

Common Mistake #1: Getting the wrong size

From the very beginning, you already have an important factor to check – getting the right sized cincher. If your garment is too loose, the compression and heat retention capabilities will not be enough to have an effect on your waist. If it is too tight, it will not only be highly painful or uncomfortable but you run the risk of damaging the material and your body.

The fix: Properly measure yourself beforehand. If purchasing in-store, try it on then see if you can properly sit and breathe while it is completely closed.

Common Mistake #2: Not putting in the right hours

Not wearing your compression band long enough and often enough will not yield good results (if any). Similarly, wearing it for too long is not safe for you or your waist trainer since the body needs at least half the day to rest in its natural form. Finding a good balance for you personally, while sticking within the suggested number of hours is most recommended.

The fix: Start off at 2 consecutive hours a day and increase the more you adjust to the garment. A good rule of thumb is between 8-12 hours daily.

Common Mistake #3: Relying only on the trainer

Binge eating unhealthy meals, sitting for most of the day, and other unhealthy habits, are too much for a waist trainer to handle on its own. For faster and better results, do not rely on the waist trainer, treat it more as a “partner” for your other routines.

The fix: We suggest exercising when you can, even if it is just for a few minutes on every other day of the week. Also, fill your plate with fiber and protein, this way you can lessen your cravings for junk food and stay full longer.

Common Mistake #4: Expecting results too soon

Long-term results require long-term effort; so do not expect a toned cut next weekend if you just started waist training today. What a cincher does is boost your capability to lose weight through:

  • Compressing your stomach, resulting in fewer calorie intake
  • Triggering your core to sweat off water weight
  • Providing back support, resulting in improved posture. A healthy posture then helps you lose weight by keeping your postural muscles working and keeping your body at an efficient state.

The fix: Train every day for 8-12 hours and keep track of your journey. Do not be too hard on yourself and remember to give in to cravings from time to time – your mental and emotional wellbeing is just as important!

Common Mistake #5: Not properly caring for your waist trainer

Wear and tear is most common among waist trainers that are not properly maintained. This will cost you more money having to purchase replacements.

The fix: Prolong its lifespan by properly washing, carefully storing, and letting it rest between waist training days. We recommend investing in 2 pieces to alternate.

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