6 Best Waist Trainers For Beginners

Waist training is a popular weight loss method that not only helps you get rid of body fat, enjoy better posture, and practice healthier eating habits, but it also trims inches off your abdomen to form a curvy, hourglass figure.

You can expect to instantly see up to 3 inches off while wearing a waist trainer and even more with a regular, proper training routine. Many people opt to wear them while doing exercises at home, overnight while they are asleep, or even to support wound healing postpartum. No matter the goal, you can find a routine that works best for you and a trainer that is most suitable for your body.

6 Best Waist Trainers For Beginners

While keeping your lifestyle, daily schedule, physical activity level, and weight loss goal in mind, here are 6 best waist trainers for beginners to take into consideration:

1) Latex Waist Trainer

The latex waist trainer is perfect for beginners because of its elasticity, durability, and convenience. It doubles as both an everyday trainer and as a gym waist trainer, so it is a great choice for those just starting out and not looking into investing on more than one piece right away. Its versatility helps the wearer ease into a consistent routine and adjust to having a trainer on while doing daily activities.

Made of high quality, thick latex material, this waist trainer is both flexible and strong. Its fabric is soft to the touch and perfect even for those with sensitive skin. The unique punching technology and tiny air-permeable holes embedded in the trainer make it more breathable and refreshing to wear – guaranteed to make your new routine more comfortable from the get go.

2) Gym Waist Trainer

The gym waist trainer is a popular choice for those using compression bands to lose body fat and level up their work out. It is made of premium neoprene fabric that provides superior heat insulation. What this does is trigger your core to produce much more sweat and flush out excess water weight as you move, maximizing your work out and trimming off love handles at a much faster rate.

While it is very flexible and does not limit your movements in any way, it is still durable enough to hold its shape and keep your waist constricted. Another benefit is it provides ample back and core support while you lift and perform other exercises. Beginners will find this type of trainer easy to adjust to and effortless to keep on – just take into consideration that your abdominal area will be perspiring more than usual.

3) Latex Strap Waist Trainer

The latex strap waist trainer is similar to the Latex Waist Trainer, but with an important extra feature. The straps help keep the top of the trainer from folding down and hold the garment in place while at the same time, supporting your chest area. For those with a heavier bust, getting a trainer with a strap can help lift them up and give your back extra support.

It is also made with high quality latex material, guaranteed to give you ample flexibility and durability as you go about your day. It is suitable for both everyday wear and as a compression garment for the gym. Beginners will love the extra support and comfort that a waist trainer with straps can provide.

4) Strap Waist Trainer

The strap waist trainer is basically the Gym Waist Trainer with extra support. While doing rigorous activities in varying positions, it is important to get a waist trainer that stays in place while still providing the elasticity you need to get a good exercise in.

It is also made with premium neoprene fabric that helps your abdominal region sweat out excess water weight. This material is perfect to speed up your weight loss and trim both your stomach and back fat. Beginners who are into an active lifestyle could definitely benefit from the extra bust and back support this waist trainer provides.

5) Thigh Trainer

The thigh trainer is designed to target multiple areas as it constricts both the abdominal region and your thighs. Just like the gym waist trainer, it is made with premium neoprene material that is flexible, breathable, and offers supreme heat retention benefits. Both your core and your upper legs will feel that productive burn as you work out, assisting you in shedding off inches to get toned thighs and a flatter stomach.

Because of its versatile fabric, beginners will find it effortless to adjust using a thigh trainer in their routine. With the advantage of targeting two major areas simultaneously, you can speed up your overall fitness journey and find yourself closer and closer to your dream body.

6) Classic Waist Trainer

The classic waist trainer is considered to be one of the more challenging types of waist trainers because it is produced with three layers of breathable fabric, embedded with nine fish scale memory, flexible steel bones. What these flexible steel bones do is equip the garment with extra compression and extra support to both the abdomen and back. For beginners that have more ambitious waist training goals, this is the perfect kind to consider.

Because of the level of constriction it provides, many opt to use this type of shapewear for special and important occasions alone. Nevertheless, with proper training at a steady pace, it can be comfortable enough to use as your daily compression undergarment.

An important factor to take into consideration is that the flexible steel bones need time to adapt to your body’s natural form. Fixing it on your waist too tightly on your first day may cause the undergarment to bend or snap. Ease into your routine comfortably and safely by keeping it at a snug fit but still loose enough that it has room to mold for the first two weeks, and for no more than two consecutive hours daily. After this initial adjustment, add in increments of 30 minutes to an hour when you feel ready.


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