Instagram Babes Who Waist Train

Instagram has some of the best personal trainers in the world going live and giving life-changing tips on physical exercise and fitness! You won't be shocked when scrolling the gram to find many Instagram fitness influencers are using Australian waist trainers, yep, once thought as a fad that would fizzle out in 2016, waist training provides amazing results and easy use have made it a self-care tool to stay. In today's article we are going to cover 9 Instagram babes who love to waist trainer, so get ready to be inspired to reach your 2021 fitness goals!

Emily Ricketts

Find them on Instagram: @emrickettz

Follower count: 156K

Emily has been a personal trainer and vlogged the experience for years now! offering motivation to all those who need it, as well as workout tip, plans and diets. The biggest asset Emily provides is mental health, keeping your mind sound when training!

Kelsey Wells

Find them on Instagram: @kelseywells

Follower count: 2.6m

Kelsey Wells believes the main mistake women make with regard to exercising is focusing on aesthetics, rather than health. She uses her platform to encourage women to empower themselves through fitness.

Cat Meffan

Find them on Instagram: @catmeffan

Follower count: 147K

Cat is a qualified Yoga instructor and runs a retreat for those looking to quiet their minds. Her gram is full of the health post, Yoga poses and vids that motivate and encourage you to reach a healthy mindset.

Stephanie Joshi

Find them on Instagram: @nuttyfoodiefitness

Follower count: 180K

Stephanie is the definition of toned abs, don't believe us? go check out her Instagram right now and then come back! Yep, we told you. Most think Stephanie would be in the gym 24/7, however she is the definition of humble and down to earth. She loves doughnuts and often promotes rest and recover to her followers.

Melissa Alcantara

Find them on Instagram: @fitgurlmel

Follower count: 966K

Melissa is the go-to trainer for movie stars in Hollywood, supposing she didn't get involved in the fitness industry until she was 28 years old! Through hard work and determination, Melissa transformed her career and body. With nearly a million followers you can often find Melissa promoting a balance between physical health and enjoying life, she is a big fan of a few glasses of red wine during the week, making her a legend in our eyes.

Samantha Gwazdauskas

Find them on Instagram: @thesamplan

Follower count: 78.1K

Samantha exploded onto the Instagram scene when she documented her body and weight transformation, today she has a healthy following in which she promotes a balanced relationship with both food and body image. Give Sam a follow if you're looking for some inspiration and or free workout plans.!

Jenny Francis

Find them on Instagram: @jennyfrancis23

Follower count: 19.2K

French-based journalist and personal trainer Jenny is the definition of the modern-day women. You can peep her post on the gram and find her posting workout tips, vids and interesting journalistic takes.

Jessie Diaz-Herrera

Find them on Instagram: @curveswithmoves

Follower count: 18K

If you ready to get your heart rate up and your rhythm in check then you need to check out Jessie Diaz-Herrera. She is a yogi and dancer who promotes exercise and health for women of all sizes and shapes!

Kelsey Heenan

Find them on Instagram: @thedailykelsey

Follower count: 306K

Kelsey is one of the top trainers for Olympics athletes and stars of Hollywood, you can find workout plans, motivational posts and exercises built around waist training. Some of Kelsey's best videos often teach you proper form and technique.

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