Can Kids Use a Weighted Hula Hoop?

Using a hula hoop was a popular pastime for most of us growing up, in fact, it's been a popular toy for hundreds of years! Round in shape, a hula hoop twirls around the waistline, as well as other body parts such as the arms, neck and legs. Originally, these hoops were made from vines and stiff grasses. Today, we have modern hula hoops made from plastic-based materials.

Using a hula hoop can be a great way to exercise for both adults and children. With weighted hula hoops becoming popular in recent years we often get asked if they are suitable for kids? This all depends on the physical health of the child as well as the weight of the hoop. Often we don't recommend beginners and kids under the age of 12 to use any weighted hula hoop that is over 1.3 kg in weight.

kids weighted hula hoop

When you do find a suitable, semi-heavy weighted hula hoop, you will find it has many appealing features. Helping children to exercise and improve cardio health, decreasing stress, anxiety whilst improving concentration, posture, coordination and brain function! Strengthening muscles in the glutes, calves, core and hamstrings is also achieved when a weighted hula hoop is used.

Overall a weighted hula hoop should be no heavier than 1.2kg for kids under the age of 12. Normal hula hoops best being suited for children under this age demographic.

Weighted Hula Hoop Size

A weighted hula hoop under 1.2kg with a 3o" is perfect for children under 12.

For smaller, lighter children you can get weighted hula hoops at 0.8kg with 28"

Older and larger kids over the age of 12 can try slightly heavier weighted hula hoops.

We don't recommend toddlers aged between 2 - 4 using a weighted hula hoop.

Tubing Size

The thickness of the tubing is critical in deciding if a weighted hula hoop is suitable for your child. Some hoops have a grooved internal design that can be tough on children's internal kidneys and other organs. Bruising and other injuries can occur if the weight is too great. Ensure there is soft padding on the internal surface of any hula hoop your child uses.

General Weighted Hula Hoop Info for Children

Large hoops are easier for beginners as the spinning motion is much slower and easier to maintain. Weighted hula hoops can be felt across the body much easier than traditional hula hoops, making it easier to keep a rhythm while hooping.

Smaller hula hoops will spin across the body much faster, making it much more challenging. If your child is struggling with a normal hula hoop a weighted option may be easier and provide better benefits! The ensuing grip is on the internal surface of the hula hoop will help to keep the spinning motion across the body, keeping better contact between the body and hoop.

Hourglass Waist Weighted Hula Hoops have helped hundreds of Australian women start their fitness journey, check out some of our weighted hula hoop reviews to read about their personal stories. For children hula hooping can be a great way to develop moto function skills, muscel development, posture, coordination and improved cardio fitness. Keep an eye on the weight of the hoop and make sure your child can handle the weight.


weighted hula hoops can be an excellent play equipment option for kids aged 2 to 10, as they provide a fun way to get moving and improve coordination. While personalized content and ads may use cookies and data depending on your settings, it is essential to manage your privacy settings carefully and visit to understand how to protect your privacy while using these services.

When it comes to purchasing a weighted hula hoop for kids, it's important to consider their age and ensure that the hoop is age-appropriate. Additionally, it's worth noting that some weighted hula hoops are sold separately from their base, so parents should be aware of this when making a purchase.

While using weighted hula hoops, kids can develop their motor skills, improve their fitness levels, and have fun at the same time. However, safety should always be a top priority, and parents should supervise their children while they're playing with these toys to ensure that they don't get stuck or injured.

In terms of privacy concerns, parents should be aware that the use of cookies and data may be involved in showing personalized ads and video recommendations on platforms like YouTube. However, it's possible to manage privacy settings and opt-out of certain types of ad serving based on past activity or general location.

Ultimately, whether or not kids can use weighted hula hoops depends on their age and development stage. If parents are unsure about whether this play equipment is appropriate for their child, they should consult with their pediatrician or another medical professional.

Overall, weighted hula hoops can be a great addition to any kid's playtime routine. They offer an opportunity to get moving and have fun while developing essential motor skills. By managing privacy settings and supervising kids while they play, parents can ensure that their children are entertained in a safe and secure environment. Whether it's swinging a weighted hula hoop, saving a ball, or watching videos, kids can find joy in a variety of activities that promote movement and quality of life.

Weighted hula hoops can be a great way for adults to achive fitness results as well. Check out our before and after article on our blog.  

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