Weighted Hula Hoop Reviews

Weighted Hula Hoop Reviews

A weighted hula hoop is a great way to start getting into exercise! It's simple to do, doesn't place any stress on joints, burns calories and trims fat around the waistline. The best thing about weighted hula hooping is it can be done from the comfort of your home and it often doesn't even feel like your exercising. 30 minutes a day of weighted hula hooping will leave your body toned and lean. If you're contemplating purchasing a weighted hoop, you want to read past customer reviews. Weighted hula hoop reviews can give you insight into the products quality, the delivery time and if the results they promise are achieved. Below are some first-hand reviews of the Hourglass waist corset Weighted Hula Hoop. Check them out and decide if Weighted hula hooping can be an exercise option for you.



Love this weighted hula hoop, it has really helped me get back into exercising, super fun! Doesn't really feel like your working out, actually look forward to my hula session each day.



Love, love, love it! I can feel it activating my core the first time I started using it. Super easy to use & really fun. I weighted hula hoop for 30 minutes as I watch TV.



Thank you for this product! Purchased it for my granddaughter and she accidentally broke it, luckily the seller went out of their way to replace it. Really appreciate this and big thanks to the young girl I spoke with who assisted me. Great service and the hoop is a great way to stay active without placing pressure on the body. Both my granddaughter and I have been using it almost every day, lots of fun and bring back memories of my childhood. Really nice thing to share and do with my granddaughter.



Purchased this as a gift for a friend, she loves it! She always calls me when she is using it at the house ahah.



Amazing! Arrived in few days and was super simple to put together. The weight was a little heavier then I first expected but once you start hooping it works fine. Having a lot of fun and actually surprising how quickly you get out of breath! Think ill purchase more for my sisters at Christmas.



So happy with myself for this purchase! I wanted to do more exercise at home as most of the gyms are closed in my city, I thought that hula hooping would be a good idea and I was most definitely right. The weight is perfect for getting your hips and core working, and you really do feel it when hooping. Was really easy to put together and arrived in less than a week. Material seems to be made of good quality so hoping this will last for a number of years.



I wanted a weighted hula hoop, then I came across this version and thought I would give it a go. The quality is amazing and the extra weight makes your hips and tummy work that little bit harder. Feel more toned already!



I was happy that I brought this, I was slightly sceptical, but after the first workout, my abs felt tight all day! I wouldn't say it hurt but I could tell that my stomach had worked out. Feeling more toned and healthy and it's only been a few weeks. Thanks, Hourglass Waist!



I purchased this weighted hula hoop not too long ago as I needed a way to exercise from home. It works so well! The weight is a little intimidating at first but as soon as you spin it around your hips it's simple, a real workout tho! Delivery time was like 5 days so happy there. If your looking for an easy way to get fit from your home then a weighted hoop is worth the purchase.



Happy with this purchase, the material seems strong and the weight is decent. Great way to add something different to my workouts and I actually brought it to my yoga class and everyone there gave it a go. Safe to say it was really popular.



I am not a big exercise girl but I wanted to start. My boyfriend brought this for me after I told him about my hula hooping and hopscotch school days and thought this would be a great way to start. I love him and this weighted hula hoop so much! Has got me motivated to adopt a more healthy lifestyle and I feel like I have lost some weight already.



Easy way to exercise, I do it for 20 mins a day while I watch TV, the time flies by. Although it doesn't feel like exercise I have lost weight and my stomach/abs feel tight all day after a session. Definitely having a positive physical effect and it's fun.



Cool product, I first saw these on TikTok and was intrigued. I decided to buy one, and I was surprised at how easy it was to use and I have seen results already. My stomach is more toned and I have trimmed fat around my hips.



Thank you, thank you, thank you Hourglass Waist! Been looking for a weighted hula hoop for a while now, I first started with a cheaper option on eBay but the material was too tough and left me bruised. This weighted hula hoop has padding and the price wasn't that much more expensive! It came within a few days which was good as I was stuck at home due to covid. Now for the results. When I first started out I actually thought nothing was happening, it wasn't until I stopped about an hour later that my stomach and abs felt tight and activated. After 2 weeks of daily use for 30 minutes, I have lost significant weight around my hips, waist and tummy. I have already dropped a dress size and my self-esteem is way up! Great investment for any girl looking to get into exercising and lose some weight in the process.

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