Waist Training: Before, During, or After Gains?

Gains in the fitness world pertain mainly to muscle growth and how much strength you have acquired since you first started working out. It can also refer to your progress in stamina, speed, and overall athletic journey.

How Does Waist Training Help At The Gym?

Many fitness buffs prefer to use a waist trainer when doing their routines because the garment has the ability to intensify even the most mundane of sessions. It does this through its heat retention feature that helps the wearer sweat out much more than usual, thus feeling lighter and more productive at the end of the workout.

Waist Training: Before, During, or After Gains?

More often than not, a compression band is used as a weight loss tool for people who aim to get thinner and sleeker midsections. However, they can be used when bulking up as well.

Waist Training Before Gains

When lifting weights, it is essential for you to have some sort of gym belt to provide support on your lower back. This can lessen the risk of injury and guide you with your form. Whether it is before, during, or after your progress shows, always protect your back!

Utilizing a waist trainer before you start building muscle and even during your early stages of lifting will not only provide this needed support, but also help you shed off excess body fat while prepping for gains.

Waist Training During Gains

Many of those looking to build muscle utilize a waist trainer during their gaining phase so as to keep their waistlines close to the same, narrow proportion, while the rest of the areas get more emphasized.

By gaining more muscle on the arms, shoulders, thighs, and calves, the narrowed waistline will stand out and display an hourglass figure for women, and a V-shaped figure for men. The differences in results between the genders are mainly due to the fact that women are naturally heavier built on the bust and hips compared to men.

Waist Training After Gains

By getting a waist trainer after the fact, it does not necessarily mean that your waistline will become wide. That would depend on the exercises you have been performing and your natural, genetic makeup.

However, many often enjoy the outcome of having a compression band after building muscle because it helps them in cutting, which is the process of losing fat after gaining muscle in order to have more detailed “cuts” or muscle lines.

Waist trainers we recommend

No matter the phase you decide to incorporate a compression band routine, we highly recommend in investing on these 3 garments:

The Everyday Trainer – Best for daily use

The Gym Compression Band – Best for workouts

The Classic Corset – Best for special occasions