Does Sweat Damage The Waist Trainer?

Often times, we find that moisture is a big factor in the deterioration of many valuables. There are multiple things that end up getting damaged, lowered in quality, or has changes in physical appearance once it gets exposed to water, sweat, and other forms of liquid.

When it comes to the best waist trainers, however, this is not the case. Compression bands are specifically designed to withstand moisture and are even built to enhance perspiration. It is important to note that while the exposure to moisture itself does not damage the garment, leaving the sweat on it will still be disadvantageous.

Does Sweat Damage The Waist Trainer?

What happens if you leave a waist trainer wet with sweat?

Compression bands are perfect for workout sessions because they retain heat very well and help you perspire much more than usual. This process flushes out excess water weight and intensifies even simple workout routines. So it is safe to say that it reacts very well to sweat.

Once the waist training routine is accomplished for the day, it is always best to properly wash and dry the garment. Leaving sweat from the day’s work overnight will harbor bacteria and promote the growth of germs. This in turn may cause rashes, skin irritation, and other issues if you continue to use it unwashed.

How to wash your garment after waist training

We highly recommend washing it by hand to prevent any damage if cleaned via machine.

Step 1: Add mild cleanser to a basin filled with lukewarm water. Do not use hot water as this can damage the material and lead to discoloration.

Step 2: Gently pat the waist trainer down to ensure the whole garment gets wet. Then leave it to soak for 5 minutes.

Step 3: Gently scrub using it a soft sponge or a soft cloth, but nothing too abrasive that may cause damage.

Step 4: Dump out the water and rinse the garment. Fill the basin with water again and let it soak for another 5 minutes, this time without cleanser.

Step 5: Rinse off all the excess soap and gently squeeze out the water. Do not wring or bend the compression band as this can break it, especially if you own a classic corset.

Step 6: Let it air dry and do not iron as this can destroy the fabric.

Do you need to wash it after every use?

This depends on what activity you used it for and if you wore clothes beneath it. For safety purposes, the general rule of thumb is to wash it if it has come to contact with your sweat.

Waist training while doing physical activities will definitely get you perspiring and we recommend washing after each gym session. In other occasions wherein you are utilizing the garment for a night out, to run quick errands, or while wearing it over a top, you may assess if it is necessary.

Waist trainers we recommend

We encourage those starting a waist training routine to invest in more than one compression band. This way, you may choose the best option for the activity at hand and also be able to continue waist training even while one is being cleaned.

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