Shapewear For Every Occasion

Key Takeaways:

  • There are multiple styles of shapewear for different occasions
  • Casual shapewear
  • Shapewear & waist trainers for the gym
  • Formal shapewear

Can shapewear be worn for any occasion or just the special ones? Can you wear shapewear all day, every day? The answer is a big fat yes! Shapewear comes in many designs and styles that can shape your body, no matter the occasion. You could be relaxing at home, studying at the library or out with friends.

Getting the right shapewear for the right occasion is possible. The team at Hourglass Waist have broken down the best shapewear based on needs. Once you read this you will never wonder what to wear again.

Shapewear For Every Occasion

Shapewear For Jeans + Casual

Every girl loves a relaxing pair of jeans and a shirt. This is the causal look, and one usually saved for at home or going to the shops. Shapewear that goes with this look can also be paired with more elegant nights if needed.

Here are a few that we recommend:

Waist trainers: Designed to flatter and smooth the tummy area. Waist trainers are a great at-home option when you're chilling out. The classic waist trainer is the most ideal for this. Helping you look great and burn away calories in the right areas.

Shaping panties: Say goodbye to love handles and say hello to a toned tummy. Every girl wears panties so why not get a pair that helps your figure? Comfortable and designed to last, shaping panties are a must for every woman.

Butt-lifting jeans: Getting a pair of butt-lifting jeans can really make that booty lift. Known as Brazilian style denim, this material is stretchy and sits under your waistline. The result is a lifted and curvy booty. You can pair this with a booty enhancer if you want to go to the next level.

Shapewear For The Gym

Working out and hitting the gym are key to living a healthy and happy life. Some girls may feel self-conscious when first going. That's where getting the right gym shapewear comes in. Leaving you looking and feeling sexy, but also helping you burn calories.

Thigh Trainer: Designed with breathable materials, the thigh trainer is comfortable to wear. Targeting and burning calories away from the thigh and leg areas. Wear these at the gym to give you a toner thinner look, while also giving your legs a workout.

Shapewear Shorts: Soft and durable, shapewear shorts can come in both long and short. Created to enhance the bum while also smoothing out the leg area. Shapewear shorts are amazing to work out in, feeling cool and breathable to wear.

Shapewear For Special Events

Most special nights require dressing up in a dress. Doesn't matter if it's a ball, cocktail or wedding. A beautiful dress is a must-have for any woman. Purchasing shapewear that goes with your dress will only make you look more perfect.

Booty enhancer: If you want some lift under your dress you can't look past a booty enhancer. This shapewear piece is easily concealed under dresses and can give you a more curvy look.

BodysuitsAmazing for giving your whole body a more smooth look. Bodysuit shapewear will hide any muffin top or love handles. Making them perfect for both tight and loose dresses.

Hourglass Waist

Here are a few shapewear options that we stock at Hourglass Waist Australia:


Black Strap Body Shaper 

Full Body Shaper 


The Everyday Trainer

The Gym Compression Band

The Classic Corset

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