What Are Gym Waist Trainers?

Thanks to research and technology, there are now gym waist trainers especially designed for certain needs and activities. Since one of the most popular spaces that they are utilized in is at the gym or during a workout, you can find waist trainer that cater specifically to the moving body and guarantees that every minute using them is fully maximized.

It makes a lot of sense to wear them at the fitness centers, considering those who opt to start a waist training routine are looking into shedding a few pounds and sculpting their ideal body. But what exactly are gym waist trainers, and what takes them apart from the traditional kinds?

What Are Gym Waist Trainers?

What is a gym waist trainer made out of?

This type of compression garment is built to be elastic enough that you can freely move in them, durable enough that they can withstand regular strenuous activities, and at the same time still snug enough to be able to constrict your waistline and provide ample support.

The best material for the job is a high-quality, 4.0 MM thick neoprene fabric. This textile has excellent heat retention that can increase your abdomen’s temperature just by wearing it – all the more when you work out in it! This feature is to help you perspire twice as much and burn fat with a lot less effort put into your exercise. Think of it as your own portable sauna that targets your core and helps you lose weight as you go about your fitness session.

What are the benefits of wearing one?

Now that you know what it is made of, here is a list of the multiple benefits you can gain from wearing a gym compression band:

  • Instantly takes off one to three inches of your waist when put on.
  • Easily adjustable according to your desired fit and comfort level.
  • Utilizes both a zipper and a spandex belt with Velcro as double reinforcements to keep it snug the entire time.
  • It is flexible and durable enough for any workout position.
  • It is latex-free and can cater even to the most sensitive skin.
  • Can be work direct to skin, over your active wear, or under your clothes.
  • Helps you perspire twice as much and flush out excess water weight.
  • Helps you burn fat with less effort needed in your workout routine.
  • Works as a lumbar back support to prevent injuries.
  • Improves your posture as it prevents you from slouching.
  • It provides great core and back support when lifting weights.

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What are other recommended compression bands for waist training?

This waist trainer is perfect for waist training daily as it is highly versatile and comfortable. It is made of high quality latex fabric that also features heat retention abilities, making it a suitable alternative for when you plan to break a sweat. Those who opt for this piece can wear it at the office, out on errands, on a night out, our even when lounging at home – truly one that you can easily maximize!

This waist trainer is most suitable for those with a more ambitious and intensive waist training routine planned out. It is patterned after the traditional waist trainer with multiple steel bones embedded into the lining, allowing it to provide much more compression compared to its counterparts. Because of this extra feature, it also gives extra back and core support, fostering a healthy and ideal posture. However, we do not recommend using this garment for your work out.

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