Does Shapewear Alter Your Body Shape Permanently?

Key Takeaways:

  • Shapewear & waist trainers comes in many forms, materials, and purposes
  • The garment provides instant results that last for as long as you wear them
  • Shapewear is designed to make you look more toned, slimmer, and sleeker
  • The garment is often purchased to help users fit into tight clothing
  • Shapewear does not alter the body shape permanently

What Are The Types Of Shapewear And How Do They Affect Your Body?

There are so many kinds of shapewear on the market today, each designed to cater to specific needs of a wide audience. Below, we discuss the top 3 kinds and what you can expect out of them.

Does Shapewear Alter Your Body Shape Permanently?

Body Shapers

Body shapers come in varying lengths and coverage options. Some designs support from the bust down to the thighs, others focus only on the midsection until the buttocks, and still some target the stomach until the thighs.

These types of undergarments are best for those who want to look sleeker and also fit into tight clothing. They help boost confidence levels while also offering a lot of comfort through lightweight material, which almost makes it feel like a second skin.

Once the body shaper is off, you can expect your figure to relax back into its natural state.

Waist Trainers

Waist trainers offer the same instant results as body shapers, but with an added option to utilize them in your fitness journey. Waist training for long-term results is a process that involves wearing the garment daily and slowly tightening it as you progress. This essentially “trains” the abdomen to mold to an hourglass figure, while also curbing your appetite and supporting your posture.

The effect this may have on your body can vary, depending on how long you have been waist training for or if you are utilizing a waist trainer for its instant benefits alone. The latter will have the same effect on your body as the shapers, while continuous waist training can gradually help you keep the figure.

It is important to note, however, that even if you utilize trainers for long-term effects, this does not mean it can alter your body shape permanently. All it does is act as a fitness tool. It helps activate perspiration, curb hunger pangs, and boost your weight loss journey.


Corsets are basically more advanced versions of the waist trainer. These have multiple steel bones embedded within the bodice. The bones provide more support and compression, which makes it perfect for those with ample experience in wearing compression bands.

Moreover, waist training enthusiasts often use these as a fashion statement. This is a creative way to incorporate the routine in daily life.

Top 3 Waist Trainers We Recommend

If you are considering a waist training routine, we advise alternating between multiple trainers. This way, you ensure enough time to properly wash your garments between each use and prolong its lifespan. Need tips on how to store your garment? Check our article: HOW TO PROPERLY STORE YOUR WAIST TRAINER.

Classic corset

Gym compression band

Latex cincher



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