Why You Need Shapewear for Your Wedding?

A bride wants to look nothing less than amazing on their wedding day, and we can't blame them? Their special day should be exactly that, special! The bride needs to have a dress that flatters their figure, with appropriate undergarments that are comfortable and stylish. For that exact reason, many women are turning to shapewear for their wedding day. It's extremely comfortable and helps to smooth out your body, extenuating all the best features and leaving the bride looking her best and feeling amazing.

Hourglass Waist has a large range of shapewear that could be utilised on your wedding day, this includes the full-body shaper, strap & strapless, booty enhancers & lifter as well as thong bodysuits. Below we will go over what type of shapewear goes best under your wedding dress based on the dress style and body shape.

Why You Need Shapewear for Your Wedding?

 Traditional Wedding Dress

A traditional wedding dress will fit loosely, think about those large gowns that your favourite Disney princess would wear. For this exact reason, we recommend opting for a waist cincher or trainer to help keep the waist & dress tight and fitted. If you are more concerned about your hips sticking out then go for our biker shorts, they are made of spandex and get your legs and hips looking smooth.

Cocktail Wedding Style

For those ladies who want a more elegant look, the cocktail style is exactly that. Running mid-length this dress goes perfectly with a bodysuit, just remember to go for the short leg version. You could even pair some biker shorts or a booty enhance to give you some lift at the back.

Strapless Wedding Dress 

Shapewear can be difficult to wear with a strapless dress, as there are way fewer places for it to hide. When you opt for a strapless wedding dress the best bet is to go with a classic waist trainer to keep your waist and hips smoothed out and extenuated.

Lace/Silk Wedding Dress 

Silk and lace dresses look amazing but they are not great for shapewear, why? it's due to the thinner material that is used in this dress style. If you do choose shapewear then it's critical that you get a colour that matches your dress, this will keep it blended whilst still giving you the desired shape. As most dresses are white or light colour go for one of our skin colour range of shapewear and waist trainers.

Shapewear, waist trainers and booty enhancers can all be utilised on your wedding day to make you look thin and sexy. It's important to remember to always listen to your body and ensure you feel comfortable with any of the item you choose to wear! We always recommend a healthy lifestyle of foods and exercise here at Hourglass Waist, this should be something you look to incorporate into your life. Until then Shapewear can definitely help you look your best with minimal to little work.

Many influencers and celebrities use waist trainers and shapewear under their dresses. It gives them confidence and allows their bodies to look amazing in their dresses. With shapewear from Hourglass Waist, you can achieve similar results, leaving you feeling confident and ready for your wedding day.

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