Does Shapewear Help You Lose Weight?

Trying to lose weight? It can be difficult, especially in targeted areas like your back, thighs and waist! Even more tricky if you dont love the gym or playing a sport. Shapewear is a new garment that has entered the Australian market, allowing women of all shapes and sizes the ability to slim down and smooth out those often problematic areas. It's really that simple, shapewear can make you look amazing for any occasion. At Hourglass Waist we are the number one provider of shapewear in Australia, with a large variety of styles and looks to fit any girls style. With shapewear being so amazing at flatting out targeted areas, the question often gets asked, does shapewear help you lose weight? In this article, we explore studies done recently which give strong evidence that shapewear can help you lose some unwanted weight.


What is Hourglass Shapewear?

Simply, shapewear is a garment that sits tightly on your body, compressing and flatting many areas of your body. This is what allows Shapewear to give you a slim look! Shapewear helps flatten out the stomach, thigh fat, arm fat & love handles. Its often worn under dresses and other outfits to give you a sexy and confident look. Hourglass Waist offers many different styles of Shapewear, with many of them being extremely fashionable and stylish. Our range includes the full body shaper in both black and beige, the booty shaper & booty enhancer in multiple colours as well as the classic biker shorts in both black and white. This is just a small taste of the range we stock at Hourglass Waist, you can check out the full collection here.

Does Shapewear Help With Weight Loss?

This has been a hot topic for a number of years now. Does wearing shapewear regularly help you lose unwanted weight? Multiple studies have been done to answer these questions and all have found that shapewear and other similar spandex materials actually do help with weight loss! Due to the compression and tight nature of shapewear, the targeted areas sweat more, this, in turn, leads to an increase in the bodies circulation and fat is burnt. Obviously combining exercise will rapidly increase this, but just your day to day activities in shapewear can help to lose some pounds.

Picking The Right Shapewear?

Most women think that tighter shapewear is best, believing the extra tightness will help enhanced the slim, hourglass look even more, however, this is not the case. If you want maximum results when wearing shapewear you should ensure it fits nicely but not so tight that it starts to hurt! If you start feeling dizzy, sickly, itchy or start to experience a loss of breath then you should stop wearing your shapewear or waist trainer. The perfect shapewear piece should flatten out your body but also be extremely comfortable, remember shapewear is an everyday item that feels so comfortable you could sleep in it.

So shapewear can help you lose some weight but remember if you want to see stronger, quicker results you need to partner your shapewear with regular exercise and healthy eating. Try going for a walk or maybe try a weighted hula hoop? This doesn't have to be hard and we have plenty of resources on our blog to help you.

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