Can Smokers Practice Waist Training?

It may not seem like an obvious connection but smoking and best waist training are somewhat intertwined with one another in the sense that they both play important roles in our respiratory system and overall health.

For some smokers, the two activities may clash and pose as a challenge when coexisting in the same lifestyle. Still for others, it may not make much of an impact.

Below we explore how smoking may have its effects on wearing a waist trainer and if it is recommended for cigarette users to participate in a waist training routine.

Can Smokers Practice Waist Training?

How The Two Affect Our Respiratory System

It is universal knowledge that inhaling nicotine has adverse effects on the lungs. It can cloud the organ and slowly cause it to deteriorate the more often and heavily you smoke. This can eventually lead to shortness of breath, chest pains, and even cancer.

While waist trainers are designed to help positively impact your health, their physical attributes may also lead to some initial discomfort to the respiratory system.

Because of the constriction it applies on the midsection, it can cause shortness of breath in some users. The tight grip a compression band has on the abdomen may make it difficult to take in deep belly breaths while you are still growing accustomed to the routine.

Will breathing always be difficult while waist training?

Eventually, with consistent practice, you will be able to participate in physical activities and take in deeper breaths again as you wear your waist trainer. Since your body will need to adjust to its new environment, taking it slow and easy is the most efficient way to go as your routine progresses.

What Happens When Both Routines Combine?

Considering both routines have an impact on how one can easily breathe, it is not advisable to continue smoking once you start a waist training routine.

By continuing both practices, you are putting your body (lungs, more specifically) through unnecessary stress and giving your organs an extra challenge in just keeping you healthy for your day-to-day activities.

While we understand breaking an addiction is hard and stopping a habit can be stressful, feedback shows that your body responds positively to the change the longer you keep at it and you will not have to struggle for too long.

When you start to prioritize wearing a waist trainer and mixing in regular exercise with a good diet, you are giving your body a better chance at making you feel good and working at its most optimal state. This means that you will feel lighter both physically and emotionally, you can be more mentally focused, and your body produces happy hormones to keep you going all week.

Waist Trainers We Recommend Once You Have Quit Smoking

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