What happens if you stop waist training?

You may know by now that waist training has both instant and long term results. If your goal is just to look slimmer and more toned for a night out or a big event, then long-term results should not concern you too much and you can stop wearing your latex hourglass trainer whenever you please.

What happens if you stop waist training?

However, if lasting results are what you are after, stopping your routine even after you have reached your ideal body will slowly but surely reverse some of the hard earned effects you have achieved throughout your progress.

To further understand why this is, let us first talk about what waist training does to your body, what sort of expectations you can set, and what exactly happens should you decide to stop later on.

What does training do to your body?

This weight loss strategy targets multiple facets of our body and has a positive effect externally, internally, and mentally as well.


A compression band is made up of differing materials that all carry heat retention capabilities. What this does is stimulate your body to sweat more and help you feel less bloated, much lighter, and more energized by flushing away your excess water weight.

You should feel a heating sensation right where your garment is wrapped around; if you do not, it may be too loose on you. It should also feel snug and firm all throughout the duration of your routine. When adjusting the constriction, think of it as a tight hug – you can feel it is secured, but not to the point of it limiting your movement or ability to breathe comfortably.


Due to the compression around your stomach and back, the organs and ribs within the area internally shift and safely adjust over time as you progressively tighten your garment. When kept snug, the waist trainer will cinch your two bottom-most ribs, also know as your floating ribs, and pull them inwards. These two ribs are meant to move around and shift with our body’s many natural phases so it will not put you at risk at all. The same concept goes with your organs.

All these help in achieving an hourglass figure and trimming your waistline a few inches down. It is completely safe and natural. The important thing to keep in mind is to allow your body some time to get used to the constrictive environment and to not go too swiftly with your routine than you feel ready to do so.


Reports show that those who have consistently trained their waist have felt a boost of energy, an increase in happiness, and are overall more productive in their career and personal lives. These positive effects can be traced back to the many benefits that waist training can offer, including

  • Better posture.
  • Less water weight.
  • Smaller calorie intake per meal.
  • Boost in energy.
  • More confidence in one’s physical attributes.
  • Better digestion and circulation.

What happens if you stop waist training?

While the external effects only activate with a waist trainer on, the mental effects stay longer depending on how you choose to continue your overall lifestyle.

However, the adjustments done on your ribs and organs are what give you the hourglass figure that most try to achieve with a routine. Once you stop your regular routine, they will get used to the environment and slowly expand back.

Instead of stopping completely, we suggest switching to a maintenance routine. You can lessen your hours or number of days per week, so long as you still stay consistent.

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