What is Shapewear used For?

Over the last few years, shapewear has taken over the world! Its origins, however, started a hundred years ago when the slimming garment was first used. These days there are dozens of brands that are stocking shapewear in large quantities, types, shapes, patterns and colours. While most women within Australia have heard of shapewear waist trainer, they have no idea about what they can use it for. In today's article, we will go over the key components that make shapewear so beneficial.

What is Shapewear used For?

Instant Slimmer Appearance

The first and most obvious benefit of shapewear is the instant slimmer appearance it gives women. Shapewear is specifically designed to help smooth out unwanted lumps and bumps of fat, making your body shape more smooth and helping you find your curve. Many women (and men) have a very hard time losing body fat and often diet and exercises cant get us the results fast enough, this is where shapewear becomes so valuable! Many celebrities and influencers utilise shapewear to give them an instant confidence boost, women across Australia can now do the same and feel as amazing as an A-lister on the red carpet. 

Body Support

Shapewear is known for slimming the body, but it can also extenuate certain areas of the body such as the bottom and bust. Styles of shapewear such as bodysuits & vest place emphasis and support for the bust region. These types of garments give the chest a pushup bra effect, whilst also providing back support and posture correction. Other items such as the booty enhancer give you a more curved behind whilst also supporting your lower back. 

Increased Blood Flow/Thermal Activity

This next feature is often a surprise for most ladies when mentioned. Multiple studies have shown that shapewear has a positive effect on your bodies blood flow and thermal activity. Many different types of shapewear are designed to ensure that this feature is enhanced, meaning blood flow is at a high rate which leads to the elimination of deadly toxins from the body. This has multiple positive effects on the body and regular use of such shapewear items help burn fat over time.

Cellulite Appearance Reduction 

Cellulite occurs in most women across Australia and the world. Some take a medical approach and have surgery but shapewear has been proven to help reduce cellulite appearance. Some designs of shapewear contain micro technology that massages the skin and helps reduce the appearance of cellulite. These styles of shapewear help to create a more even skin tone as well.


Above are a few reasons to consider adding shapewear to your wardrobe. It's an amazing garment that has taken the world over due to its benefits and comfortable design. There are many brands out there but Hourglass Waist is owned and made in Australia. Offering the largest range of shapewear, including full-body suits, shapers, bike shorts, high top boot enhancers, gym & classic waist trainers, in a variety of multiple sizes to suit women of all ages and sizes. Check out Hourglass Waist for your shapewear and waist trainer needs.

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