Can Shapewear Make You Look Thinner?

Though waist trainer shapewear may be a popular accessory of today’s booming fashion industry, many do not realize that it actually dates back to centuries ago. In the 1500s, Catherine de’Medici, who was the wife of King Henry II of France, banned the entrance of thick waists at court. This forced women to find easy and instant alternatives to their hefty build. This was where shapewear, in the form of corsets and waist trainers, started.

Can Shapewear Make You Look Thinner?

With the modernization of shapewear came the vast array of options for every woman and her specific need. There are now numerous sizes, styles, colors, and materials, each catering to targeted regions or mere preference.

What exactly is shapewear?

Shapewear is the umbrella term for undergarments that are used to create the illusion of the “ideal figure”. This would include a flatter stomach, a curved waist, and an extra lift around the bust – depending on the design you opt for.

They are built to tighten specific areas that help women feel thinner, look sleeker, and experience a greater sense of empowerment. The boost in confidence this piece of clothing offers shows through how the wearer walks, talks, and carries themselves. In other words, it basically helps one have a really good day.

How do you wear it?

For one that has not tried it yet, the idea of it may be a little daunting. It may sound uncomfortable and a hassle to wear, you start to think “but what if I just can’t handle it in the middle of my day?”

The beauty of modernized shapewear is the new research and technology that was placed into creating better, more comfortable, more targeted, and more versatile pieces. You can single out certain areas to conceal and because of this, it is perfect under work clothes, dresses, jeans, shorts, a shirt - almost anything, really.

So does it really work?

Does it make you thinner? Not really. But does it make you LOOK and FEEL thinner? Absolutely!

It has been proven that you can drop between 1 to 3 inches with the right pair. In order to get the most out of your shapewear, you must choose the one best suited to your needs. First ask yourself which part you want to target then narrow it down to the color and material you prefer. You should instantly see those particular parts appear more slender, smoother, and well toned.

Oftentimes, even celebrities make use of shapewear to fit into glamorous gowns and body hugging outfits. They are perfect for both special occasions and if you want a boost of confidence on a regular errand day.

What is the best type for you?

For a thinner tummy, look into getting a camisole or a corset. Make sure to choose a style that fully covers on or below your bust area, down to your hips. Most if not all types already cover this section by default.

For thinner thighs, look into getting shapewear shorts. These typically come in various lengths to go with your outfit and also already cover your hips and tummy area.

For thinner arms, look into getting shapewear shirts. These typically come in various sleeve lengths to go with your outfit and also already cover your hips and tummy area.

For an entirely thinner figure, look into getting a full body shaper that covers what you need it to. There are types that come without sleeves, with long / short sleeves, open / covered bust areas, and more.

Whichever style waist trainer or shapewear you choose, you’ll be sure to enjoy a slimmer figure in no time!

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