Do Weighted Hula Hoops Work?

Do Weighted Hula Hoops Work?

Once only seen in the schoolyard, the hula hoop was a favourite pass time for many young Aussies, spending hours on end spinning and twirling. Today, weighted hula hoops have taken the world by storm thanks to TikTok and Instagram! Many women taking back up the practice they once did as a kid to help burn calories and stay fit. Using a hula hoop is super easy and doesn't have an age limit, in fact, many older people can enjoy the practise as it doesn't put any pressure on joints or muscles.

What is weighted hula hooping?

As the name implies, a weighted hoop is a brightly covered hula hoop that is denser and heavier than a traditional hoop. Wight can range from 3kg down to 1kg, helping to burn fat around the waist, hips and tummy as the core, back and hip muscles are all activated! For beginners it's always best to start with the lighter version, building your way up as your fitness base improves.

Using a smart hula hoop is the perfect way to add variety to an exercise routine, even a few minutes of hula hooping can help build aerobic fitness. It's not just the heavy hula hoop that has health benefits, a traditional hula hoop can also give you a great workout and leave you feeling mentally refreshed. The perfect way to stay fit and active for both beginners, pros, young and old.

Remember, if you do go for a weighted hoop it will be heavier than the traditional style. This extra weight requires more muscles activation around the core, waist and hips, hence burning more calories than a normal hula hoop.

Using a smart hula hoop has multiple mental and physical benefits, these include:

  • Improved aerobic capacity & health
  • Burn over 200 calories in just 30 minutes
  • Decrease fat around the tummy region
  • Decrease fat around the hip region
  • Increase core muscle
  • Decrease cholesterol
  • More motivation to exercise

Using a weighted hoop has similar effects as other high-intensity aerobic exercises, some of these include salsa dancing, jogging and cross fit. An average woman can burn up to 200 calories in just 30 minutes with a hoop, men over 245 calories in the same time!

If you do try smart hooping make sure you get the correct size and weight for you. The hoops size should reach between your midchest and waist when sitting vertically on the floor. If you're just starting out on your fitness journey then go for the lightest weight (1kg), as you build your strength and aerobic capacity you can move on heavier weight (3kg)

Sometimes when you first start using a hula hooping bruising can appear. This is extremely common and will disappear within a day or two. You will notice that after the first initial bruising you won't experience it again in the same spot. If you do find yourself bruising again or in pain during or after hula hooping, visit your local GP and seek medical advice.