Can You Wear A Waist Trainer In An Overbust?

The practice of training your waist is most effective when done consistently and properly. With the more hours you put in, the healthier your meals are, and the more frequently you work out, that hourglass figure will noticeably enhance your silhouette in no time. Understandably, you would want to maximize your efforts and wear it with everything in your closet. But does your corset really work with everything?

What is a waist trainer?

Let us first trace back to the basics. A waist trainer is a high compression garment that cinches your abdomen and gives women a pronounced hourglass figure - or men a V-shaped torso. It comes in multiple materials and styles to cater to specific target areas and personal preferences.

More often than not, it is worn as an undergarment to be concealed under clothing and helps make your wardrobe easier to fit into. Other types of trainers, such as the traditional corset, are sometimes worn as a fashion statement over your clothes. These are usually made of a smooth, silky bodice and paired with feminine lace as reinforcements.

What is an overbust?

An overbust is also a type of high compression undergarment that doubles as a bra since it extends “over the bust”, as its name suggests. Just like any corset fashioned after the traditional design, it sits on your waist and cinches your abdomen using flexible steel bones and hooks. This powerful combination of support and reinforcement is what creates the sought after pronounced curve. When the overbust extends over your chest, it provides ample coverage under your arms and torso. So it is basically a waist trainer and bra in one.

Can you wear a waist trainer in an overbust?

Apart from this being rather redundant, there are other reasons why it is not advisable to wear a waist trainer and an overbust at the same time.

There will be too much compression. The overbust is a waist trainer in itself, and doubling those layers also doubles the compression that your torso is exposed to. Putting your body through a modification routine as intense as that will have its negative effects on the health.

It will be uncomfortable. If your reason for doing so is that it will hasten the process or be more effective, we hate to break it to you but it is the exact opposite. One important factor in choosing a compression undergarment is how comfortable it sits on your body. This ensures that you will be more inclined to wear it consistently and for a healthy amount of time. Otherwise, you may find yourself wanting to quit within the first week.

It will be painful and may cause damage. Apart from experiencing discomfort, you will most like also feel pain. Our body was not designed to withstand unhealthy levels of constriction because our organs will not be able to function at their most optimal level. Also, undergarments that utilize inner steel bones are more susceptible to damage and snapping. If one of the bones ends up breaking from too much pressure, it can pierce through the material, or worse, through you.

It would be difficult to hide under clothes. No matter the kind of layering strategy you plan out, having one on top of the other will not show favorable results nor accentuate your curves. If anything, you may just end up looking a little bulkier.

You cannot wear a waist trainer with an underbust – so how exactly is the best way to wear a trainer, then?

1) Under your clothes

More often than not, waist trainers are worn under clothing. This way, it can accentuate your curves from underneath and make you look instantly better all the while keeping your little trick discreet. This type of layering is also convenient since you can just stick to your daily routine so long as you wear the correct type of waist trainer.

2) Over your clothes

Fashion forward creatives who prefer to use the compression garment as a statement piece usually opt for this type of layering strategy. However, it is not all about style. Even by wearing the garment over your clothing, your torso can still experience its constricting benefits and accentuate your curves – granting your outfit is not made of super thick material. This is also known to be more hygienic as it prevents sweat and bacteria to directly transfer on to your skin, limiting chances of skin irritation and other risks.

3) To the gym

A waist trainer is the perfect gym buddy because of its heat retention benefits – so why not maximize it? Your abdomen will perspire much more than it does during your usual work out, which greatly helps in flushing out water weight and enhancing your overall routine. The support that your core and back receive is also very important, especially for those who prefer core strengthening exercises or weight lifting.

For this situation, you may opt to wear your waist trainer under your gym clothes, over your gym clothes, or even directly on your skin right below your sports bra.

3 waist trainers we recommend

1) Latex Waist Trainer

This option is most suitable if you are looking for a waist trainer you can wear every day and for various activities, be it to work, errands, cleaning the house, or even to the gym. It is perfect for beginners easing into a routine and is practical for those who do not want to invest in many pieces just yet.

2) Gym Waist Trainer

This option is most suitable for health buffs that could benefit from its heat retention feature. This trainer increases your temperature and help you sweat more when working out, all the while supporting your core and back when lifting or performing rigorous activities.

3) Classic Waist Trainer

This option is embedded with flexible steel bones and offers a more intense waist training experience as it provides extra compression and hastens your progress.

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