Can You Breathe In A Waist Trainer?

Starting a waist training fitness routine can be both exciting and daunting for beginners. This handy compression band is a great supplement to your current nutrition and exercise plan, helping complete your fitness journey and speed along your weight loss goals. Understandably, you would have a few questions before you start, so we have answered some of the most common ones below such as what are its benefits, what to expect, and the crowd favorite “can I breathe in a hourglass trainer?”

Can You Breathe In A Waist Trainer?

5 main benefits of a waist trainer

1) Getting that hourglass figure

For many, achieving an hourglass figure is the main motivation in starting a waist training routine. The constriction that trainers put around your abdomen creates this effect, and with regular use, can help your body adapt to taking its form. Paired with a healthy diet and consistent exercise, your emphasized curves can show in as little as two weeks. For optimal results, we recommend using a latex waist trainer or a classic waist trainer.

 2) Achieving better weight control

Due to the constriction, your stomach will have lesser capacity to accommodate meals and would be unable to consume too much food. This helps you feel full faster and fosters control of your intake. However, depending on a waist trainer alone will not help burn off fat unless you wear them while performing rigorous activities.

3) Ample back support and an improved posture

Trainers of all kinds provide your back with good support and help promote better posture. The constriction keeps your vertebral column upright and prevents you from being able to slouch. Especially for women with a heavy bust, trainers can help lift and support the area to ease the pressure off your back.

Gym waist trainers also offer ample back support that can greatly benefit those that love to lift or perform core-strengthening exercises. If you regularly train your waist, not only will your waistline trim down but you can enjoy the multiple health benefits of good posture as well.

4) Attain more self confidence and maintain a happier disposition

Studies have shown that standing and sitting in an upright position help people feel happier, less stressed, more alert, and more confident. This upright position also fosters better digestion, circulation, and a healthier sleeping pattern.

5) Tighten your waist postpartum

Waist training post-partum does not only help new mothers gain back their pre-pregnancy figures, but it can also help with your wound’s healing process. By keeping your abdominal wall secured and supported, waist trainers can help hasten the recovery period.

It is important that new mothers wait at least six weeks to let the body recuperate naturally first, and then consult with their doctors before starting a waist training routine.

Does waist training cause bloating or trigger acid reflux?

No, waist training does not cause the body to bloat. It may heighten the feeling if you are already feeling bloated due to a meal or drink you had recently. Similarly, waist training does not trigger acid reflux as well. However, if your undergarment is either too small or has been tightened too much this can put a lot of pressure around your digestive tract, causing acid to build up and eventually result in acid reflux.

To remedy either one of these discomforts, simply loosen your trainer or take it off for a while. In order to avoid these types of situations, get the right fit and do not fasten the garment too tight during meals. Make waist training more comfortable through our guidelines here.

Does waist training cause back or stomach pain?

Waist training promotes a healthy posture, which is known to alleviate pain in your back, shoulder, and neck area. It also does not trigger any stomach pain. You may need to adjust to the constriction on your abdomen for the first half of your routine, slight discomfort is expected - but never pain. If you are experiencing aches, assess your trainer for damages and if it is the right fit. If everything checks out, perhaps you need to slow your routine down and not tighten it too much just yet.

Can you breathe in a waist trainer?

Yes, you can very well breathe while wearing a waist trainer, the only thing you can expect a change in your breathing pace. With the compression around your midsection, your lungs will have to adjust to its new capacity by taking in deeper, more frequent breaths. This does not mean you will not be able to breathe or that you will have difficulty doing so. You will eventually adapt to the new breathing rate and barely even notice it.

If you lead an active lifestyle, we recommend wearing a trainer that is less restrictive and much more flexible such as those made of latex or neoprene fabric. These will allow you to move freely, and breathe easily, while participating in strenuous activities.

3 types of waist trainers we recommend

1) Latex Waist Trainer

This is known as the everyday waist trainer. It is highly versatile and can be worn to various activities, making it the most convenient option. Made of high quality latex material, it is flexible, comfortable, and offers just the right amount of compression.

It is perfect for beginners easing into a routine and is practical for those who do not want to invest in many pieces just yet.

2) Gym Waist Trainer

This trainer is designed with extra heat retention to increase your temperature and help you sweat more when working out. Its durability helps support your core and back when lifting or performing rigorous activities, making it the perfect gym partner to enhance your workout routine.

3) Classic Waist Trainer

This trainer is fashioned from the traditional corset design as it is embedded with multiple flexible steel bones. These provide extra compression and additional support, helping you get an hourglass figure much faster. It also aids in keeping your trainer from rolling up with every movement.


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Waist trainers provide both short and long-term benefits! Short term, a waist corset can instantly smooth out any undesirable areas of fat, giving you a more slim looking appearance. The long-term results of waist training include burning fat & calories around the tummy, waist & hips. Helping to tone the body and give an hourglass shape naturally. Additional benefits include improved posture, as well as decreased neck, back & shoulder pain

Founded in 2016 by an ex personal trainer, the team at Hourglass Waist are knowledgeable and passionate about fitness, health and waist training. If you are looking to find the correct size waist trainer, exercises for waist training or appropriate diet just reach out to us and we will be in touch.



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