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Hourglass Waist Training has taken Australia by storm with Hourglass Waist quickly becoming the number one provider of waist trainers & Shapewear across the country. Our attention to quality, support and fast shipping time has created a community of happy customers. If your looking for waist trainer reviews then check out some of the first-hand experiences our customers have had with our products. Most of the waist trainer reviews below are for our classic waist trainer, latex waist trainer & gym waist trainer.

waist trainer review 

 Waist Trainer Reviews


So the first point is the delivery time was much quicker than I expected! Great material that fits well and feels really comfortable. Way Better then anything on Amazon



So far so good, can't get over how comfortable and flexible this waist trainer is to wear. I could breathe easily but it did feel like someone was giving me a tight hug! Helped me become more aware of my posture so I stand taller and it flattens and smoothed out any fat rolls.



I am 165cm tall and have a 40-inch waist. I thought a 3XL would be a perfect size but after going through the size page and some other reviews I decided to get an extra-large. This was the perfect decision as the fit was perfect. At first, it was a little tough getting the trainer on, but after a few hours noticed it started to shape my body. I didn't want my waist trainer to rub against my skin, I was concerned about rashes occurring but the material is so soft it actually feels amazing on my skin! Also, it provides great back support, keeping me conscious of my posture. Overall I love this product, after a few weeks I have shaved 3 inches off my waist, will be purchasing the gym pro soon as well.



I am an XS waist size but found the small to fit really well. The quality of the material is really great and it definitely gives my waist a more curvy look. When you wear it there are some restrictions on movements like bending, worth undoing a few hooks will help with that.



I love this gym waist trainer so much! It has completely transformed my body and got me back to looking like a snack! Really helps with back support and improves my posture.



this is an honest review! By far Hourglass Waist trainers are the best I have ever purchased in Australia! I have purchased an expensive version from another site and they dont come close to comparing in terms of softness and comfort. I was looking for a corset that helped flatten my stomach whilst also burning calories in the long term. Let me tell you....the latex waist trainer does all that plus more!



This was my first time using a waist trainer and all I can say is I am shocked for all the right reasons! It is sooo comfortable and I can already see amazing results. Straight up flabbergasted! Defiantly going to buy the gym version and some shapewear. Hourglass Waist you have got a customer for life.



Great waist trainer, helped with my lower back pain, providing support. Helps me sweat more when working out, targeting the core and hip areas. Super comfortable, able to wear it directly on the skin and love how thick the material is. For the price, these corsets are simply the best you will find in Aus with Afterpay



First, this is a great quality gym waist trainer for the price. Used it for months now and it for sure works. After a workout, I am a sweaty mess, and the corset provides great lower back support which can be an issue for me.



Love my Hourglass Waist Trainer!! Great material and super fast delivery. I didn't use the size chart to pick my size, this was probably a little unwise but I have purchased other corset before so I was confident I knew my body size. The order came in less than one week, packaging was really cute. When I first put it on it felt very tight and was afraid I purchased the wrong size, after 10 minutes the trainer and my body adapted and it felt snug and comfortable on my body. Material is really good, exercising and moving around a lot without any tears or damage to the trainer.



Love this waist trainer. I know they're designed for weight loss but I have found them to be really helpful with posture and back support. Basically killing two birds with one stone. The price was great as well, got 10% off via a discount code in the cart. Thanks! 



Love, love, love this waist trainer! Fits really well, with no slipping when wearing it. Can tell the material is of good quality and designed to last long term. I have sensitive skin so was worried about rashes, but so far so good with no signs of any skin irritation. Overall, a great product especially for girls who have recently become mums and want to get back into shape & lose weight!



I was pleasantly surprised at how great the quality of these waist trainers is, especially when considering that there $20 - $30 cheaper than most other corsets on the market. I used the size chart and got all my dimensions before I made my purchase. When it first arrived I was a little surprised by how small it was, but as soon as I placed it on it it fitted perfectly! It's not too tight or restrictive so I can exercise and breathe without any issues.



Happy with those order, came in less than a week and have seen some great results. First well, comfortable and has helped define my waist! Great to use while you sleep and exercise.



Only had this for a few days but I am already deeply in love! It feels amazing to wear, fitting very snug, easy to place on and off and helping me get that hourglass shape. Safe to say I am obsessed with it already, thank you!


Remember to always get the correct size before making a purchase. check out some of Hourglass Waist best waist trainers on our catalogue page. We stock over 6 different versions and styles of corsets with shapewear and booty enhancers also available.



In recent years, waist trainers have become a popular fashion accessory, with many people claiming they help to achieve an hourglass figure and improve posture. The idea behind waist training is that wearing a tight compression garment, such as a waist cincher or waist trainer corset, for a few hours a day can help to burn fat, lose weight, and tone the abdominal area. However, there is limited evidence to support these purported benefits, and some experts warn that wearing waist trainers for long periods of time can cause pain and harm the muscles and core.

The best waist trainers are often said to be those with comfortable stretchy fabric, adjustable shoulder straps, and a velcro closure for a custom fit. Some people choose to wear waist trainers as an extra support during exercise or when giving birth, while others wear them to create a more flattering look under clothes. Reviews of waist trainers vary, with some people praising the support and shaping they provide, while others complain about discomfort and a lack of noticeable results.

Ultimately, the effectiveness of waist training as a weight loss tool remains a topic of debate, with some people finding it to be an effective tool in combination with a healthy diet and exercise, while others see it as nothing more than a temporary solution that may provide a quick fix, but not a lasting change. The best waist trainer is often considered to be one that is comfortable and provides enough support, but it is important to remember that waist training is not a substitute for a balanced diet and regular exercise.

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