Cheap Waist Trainers On Amazon - Why You Should Not Buy Them!

A waist trainer is a popular weight loss tool that is intended to supplement a proper diet and regular exercise. Unlike in the past, research and technology have helped design numerous types of compression garments that are specifically formulated to certain needs, goals, and lifestyles. It is now fairly easy to find the perfect undergarment for you when you can narrow your choices down by size, material, color, added features, and where or when you intend to use them.

Cheap Waist Trainers On Amazon - Why You Should Not Buy Them!

Amazon and other shopping websites offer a vast range of waist trainers that come in affordable price points. While it may be tempting to opt for the cheapest one, we highly discourage prioritizing saving a few bucks over investing in one with excellent quality. Here are 7 reasons why you should not buy cheap waist trainers on Amazon and similar websites:

1) They Are Made of Low Quality Materials

More often than not, these sellers are distributing waist trainers made of low quality materials. This makes the undergarment very susceptible to getting damaged, torn, or worn out fairly quickly. The material can start to shrivel up after a few uses and be almost unusable soon after.

Because of its inferior traits, a cheap waist trainer will most likely not provide effective compression and will not be able to give you satisfactory results.

2) They May Shrink and Get Discolored

Another disadvantage to poor quality material is it will be prone to discoloration and may shrink once exposed to heat. These can pose as great concerns when its high time to wash and dry your undergarment – which should be done at least twice a week for hygienic purposes.

3) They May Cause Skin Irritation and Bruising

The reason why a lot of research and experimentation is done before finalizing shapewear is for our health and overall protection. The right materials, build, and fixtures must be put in place in order to create a safe and comfortable waist trainer. Poorly made undergarments have a great chance of causing skin irritation. Since they are directly exposed to and physically touching our skin, chafing, rashes, or bacterial infections may build up and cause greater problems.

Waist trainers made with poor quality inner steel bones may also cause bruising and wounds if these inner bones will give in to the compression and snap and pierce through the fabric. With its thin layers, you have little to no protection if this ends up happening.

4) They May Not Be As Discreet

Cheap undergarments have not been designed with enough time and effort to ensure how comfortable and seamless you would look in them. Because of this, they will be more visible under your clothes and can often make you self-conscious on whether people notice it or not. They can also be fairly uncomfortable to wear as different styles will more often than not, offer a poor fit. Some areas will be too loose while others will be too fitting, and there is no need to tolerate these for a few perfect areas here and there. The entire bodice should hug your torso perfectly, provide ample compression, and hide well under any outfit.

But they sound like a good deal, right?

We hate to break it to you but that is a false notion. You may think you are saving money when, in fact, you will be wasting precious dollars on short-term garments and spending more on replacements. The best strategy to saving money is to invest in high quality, durable, and reliable waist trainers.

There are three primary types:

Latex Waist Trainer

The latex waist trainer is the most convenient option as it can be worn to almost any activity. Its high quality latex material has flexible traits that make it comfortable enough to wear everyday whether you are going to work, school, out on errands, a party, the gym, or even for a normal day at home.

The compression on your abdominal area triggers an increase in your temperature, which helps you sweat more and flush out water weight. This benefit can also be maximized when doing home exercises or working out at the gym.

Due to its durability and flexibility, it is a great trainer to utilize when still learning the ropes and easing into a routine. Because you can take it anywhere, it is also the most practical choice so that you will not have to invest in specialized trainers for various activities.

Gym Waist Trainer

The gym waist trainer is specifically designed to intensify your workouts and get the most out of your fitness journey. If your sole reason to start waist training is to supplement your exercises, this is a perfect fit for you. All undergarments have heat retention abilities but the gym waist trainer takes it to a higher level. It is made of thermal neoprene material that makes you perspire twice as much as with latex or cotton, and offers a type of durability that provides extra support to your core and back when lifting or performing rigorous activities.

Classic Waist Trainer

The Classic Waist Trainer is fashioned from the traditional corset design but is considered more intensive than the other types because it is embedded with multiple flexible steel bones. These inner bones resemble a cage encircling the interior of the trainer and are there to provide extra compression and additional support. Because of this, you can expect the trainer to better fit your natural form and stay in place without rolling upwards.

With extra constriction applied, it is expected to be more efficient and deliver results at a much faster pace. However, this benefit comes with extra adjustments. The inner cage will need to be broken into and slowly molded to your natural form over the course of two weeks. After which, you may gradually tighten when you feel most comfortable. If your undergarment is constricted to its smallest size straight away, it may warp or break.


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